5 Things Your Workout Wardrobe Is Missing

Workout Wardrobe
Workout Wardrobe

All of us have done it, worn the same running shoes for too long or exhausted our workout to the points of tearing. However, getting the most of your workouts starts with having the right gear.

With workout clothes tending to be on the higher end of the price spectrum, it can be hard to make the investment. However, investing in your health is never a waste of money—whether you work out at home or at the gym. But if you’re going to splurge, make sure you start with these five essentials:

A Comfortable Sports Bra

Not all sports bras a created equal. And, if you’ve worn one that is low-quality you know what we’re talking about—tension in your shoulders, having to constantly readjust, and inadequate support. If your sports bra is more of a nuisance than a workout enhancer, then it’s time to upgrade.

Workout Wardrobe - Sport Bra
Workout Wardrobe – Sport Bra

First things first, make sure you’re getting the right size. It’s tempting to grab whatever you find off the rack or give it your best guess when shopping online but having a functional sports bra that fits correctly is essential to getting the most out of your workout.

Fabric is also important. If your sports bra is itchy, sharp, or doesn’t breathe correctly, it’s going to be a distraction. Make sure you choose a sports bra that’s soft on the skin, doesn’t pinch, and doesn’t hold onto moisture (this will also keep it from smelling like sweat).

Another thing to consider is that you may even need different types of sports bras to correspond to the type of workouts you’re doing. For example, a high-impact sports bra is good for running or cardio days, but a low-impact sports bra is effective for less intensive workouts and can help prevent some of that tension from building up.

High-Quality Running Shoes

If you work out regularly, it’s likely that your fitness trainers are on their last leg after a year. However, many of us wear the same pair much longer than that. But did you know that worn down workout shoes could lead to injuries? Plus, the interfere with your performance.

Workout Wardrobe - Running Shoes
Workout Wardrobe – Running Shoes

That’s why it’s so important to update the shoes you use to workout in regularly. Whether that’s a pair of running shoes that are specifically made for the terrain you typically run on, or a pair of HIIT training shoes for CrossFit or kickboxing classes.

When picking out a pair of new workout shoes, you need to ensure that you get the proper fit and style for your exercise routine. If you partake in several different types of exercise, you may even need to invest in two good pairs that you can wear accordingly.

Breathable Tops

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re drenched in sweat and trapped in your body’s heat when you’re working out. If you’re experiencing this, is likely because your workout wear isn’t made of the right fabric.

Workout Wardrobe - Breathable Tops
Workout Wardrobe – Breathable Tops

When shopping for tops, you want to find ones that are labeled as moisture-wicking. These tops will keep your sweat from collecting and won’t create that uncomfortable, sticky feeling you get when your shirt is hugged tight to your body while you’re working out.

For even better workouts, we recommend tops that allow for a better range of motion. This includes racer-back tank tops, long sleeve shirts with a little more breathing room, and shirts that have a performance cut.

Compression Tights

If you’re still wearing sweats to the gym, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Baggy sweats can limit your movements and are typically designed to keep the heat in, keeping you warm.

Workout Wardrobe - Compression Tights
Workout Wardrobe – Compression Tights

Instead, you should be wearing compression tights. These leggings are designed for optimal performance, making it easy to move in them and even keeping your core engaged with their compression bands.

If you’re new to wearing compression tights, you might feel intimidated by their body-hugging style. However, they are actually very flattering and provide shape to the body. And, they are available in virtually endless styles and sizes so you can find pairs that best suit you.

A Workout Sweatshirt or Jacket

It can be easy to throw on your old college sweatshirt during winter-day workouts. However, traditional fabrics are usually not optimized for the best workout. Not to mention that their baggy sleeves can get in the way of arm movement.

Save your favorite hoodie for lounging at home and purchase a jacket or sweatshirt specifically made for working out. Similar to compression tights, you’ll find these tops are made to breathe and move. If your workouts are primarily outdoors, you may also want to consider choosing a color that stands out to help keep you safe.

Whether you’re a gym-going beginner or a long-time fitness fanatic, these wardrobe essentials will help you get the best workout and maybe even make a fashion statement in the process.

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