6 Great Reasons To Visit A Brewery In Your Lifetime

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There are many places you must include in your bucket list. With only one life to live, you have to give yourself a chance to try it all out. One of these is heading to your local brewery, or visiting a brewery when you’re traveling.

Spending time in and touring a brewery isn’t only for those who love beer. When you’re in a brewery, you’re not just tasting any other beer, but you’re trying out one that’s unique to that particular establishment. The beers you find in a brewery are usually their local versions of that craft beer. More than just taking a sip of a brewery’s different offers, it’s the experience that truly makes it special.

That said, here are some great reasons to visit a brewery in your lifetime:

  1. The Food Doesn’t Disappoint

The beer and food pairings at local breweries are excellent. If the craft beer is great, the food is even better. The menu is often limited, so you know that the dishes they offer are those they’ve truly mastered. From time to time, you can expect breweries to have weekend or weeknight specials, particularly when there’s a special event. Looking for an Oktoberfest experience? If you can’t head out to Germany just yet, try booking a brewery to visit nearby. If you’re in the Chicago area, check out https://www.adamsstreetbrewery.com/.

  1. It Exposes You To Craft Beer

Breweries are to beer as what wineries are to wine. When you visit wineries, you get to taste various kinds of wine that you won’t find in a convenience store or grocery, or even in a commercial wine shop. The same is true for craft beer. Being exposed to breweries, their offerings, and processes goes beyond just drinking. It’s also about getting to know every step put into coming up with a particular brew, and this knowledge can come in handy especially if you want to broaden your horizons. Plus, you get to sample beer that isn’t like anything else in the world, which can refine your taste.

Craft beer is very special in many ways, such as:

  • It often has more health benefits than any other alcoholic beverage, such as Vitamin B complex, antioxidants, and protein.
  • It has a richer taste than mass-produced beer, which tends to be watery.
  • It comes in more variety.
  • It’s made of better-quality ingredients such as fresh and organically grown hop, yeast, and grains. These have antibacterial properties and brings about health benefits such as lowering elevated cholesterol and fighting off toxins in the body.
  1. It Enables You To Support A Small Business

Visiting a brewery can give small and local businesses in your area a chance to thrive. Often, these breweries have recipes that are handed down from one generation to another. The only chance that these can thrive is if local people continue to support their business.

Remember, breweries don’t mass produce so every pint of beer that reaches your hands are products of dedication and passion. Visiting a brewery and partaking of their beer also lets you experience the local culture of that place and learn more about the history of that particular beverage and how it was made.

  1. The Process Encourages Environmentally-Friendly Brewing

Most local breweries have very traditional means of brewing beer. They don’t use too much industrialized machinery since they don’t mass produce as previously mentioned. The beer that they offer is freshly made on the very same day, which supports a more environment-friendly brewing process.

For example, raw ingredients are often grown organically, which encourages the practice of composting and the use of alternative sources of energy. Plus, because lesser chemicals are used, the beer tastes as raw and pure as it should.

  1. You Can Have A Greater Appreciation Of Beer

Like any other beverage, beer isn’t a drink that everyone might like. However, visiting a local brewery that makes craft beer could let you develop a greater appreciation for it since what you get isn’t a watered-down version. In breweries, what matters isn’t how much is produced in a day, but rather the quality of the beer.

With flavorful beer, you also don’t necessarily have to drink too much to experience its taste. You can get a chance to sample beer in its best and most flavorful form without getting drunk.

Great Reasons To Visit A Brewery In Your Lifetime
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It’s clear that visiting a brewery will give you more than just insider access on the different kinds of craft and local beer it offers. Aside from enjoying a good brew, you get to mingle with locals, learn more about the history of the brewery and beer, as well as the drinking culture in the area. If you drop by at the right time, there could also be some music and fun, which will truly elevate your brewery visit experience. All that’s left for you to do is to start planning that trip.

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