6 Kinds Of Protein Bars That Are Growing In Popularity

A protein bar is a healthy snack that helps boost your protein levels in the body and gives you that extra energy you need to take on the day or start that workout session. The best thing about the snack is that it has flexible eating times.

You can have a protein bar for breakfast or any time during the day and still reap the same benefits. Nowadays, the market has various types of these snacks to cater to different health restrictions like allergies.

Below is a list of popular protein bars available in the market today.

1.   Gluten-Free Protein Bars

Gluten intolerance is pretty common among people of different ages. An allergy should not prevent you from getting all the nutritional value you can get. That is why gluten-free protein bars have increasingly become popular in the market. It has now become easy for people with gluten sensitivity to enjoy well-packaged and tasty protein bars.

2.   All-Natural Protein Bars

Processed foods do not have as much nutritional value as natural ones. Therefore, most people concerned about their health are turning away from products that use processed ingredients and chemical processes.

The all-natural foods are now winning in every part of the world. You can quickly get products like the all-natural Dr. Jen’s protein bar and get your extra protein from a product that only uses natural ingredients.

3.   Low in Sugar Protein Bars

It is amazing how the taste in protein bars today does not have to come from sugar. Doctors are coming up with low-sugar protein bars that anyone can enjoy and benefit from. That opens doors to people with high blood sugar problems because they can also enjoy these protein bars without affecting their health further.

4.   High Fiber Protein Bars

High fiber in your body is essential because it helps with the digestive system and prevents you from frequent urges to eat something. When incorporated into a protein bar, it becomes a nutritious snack you can have at any time of the day.

5.   Vegan Protein Bars

Protein does not have to come from animals. There is plant-based protein too that people can enjoy without changing their lifestyle. Protein bars can now be fully vegan and still taste as great as if they had animal-based additives like honey and milk.

6.   Non-GMO Protein Bars

The world is more environmentally conscious today than it was a while back. Most food producers are also trying to move away from artificial ingredients and production methods, making it possible to have things like non-GMO protein bars. The good thing is that the natural ingredients and techniques only make the bars tastier.


Protein bars are a snack that everyone should be able to enjoy once in a while to boost their protein levels or get a little more energy in their body. Therefore, all these new and wonderful protein bars continuously becoming popular is a great invention. You can enjoy any of your favorite protein bars today without worrying about whether it is made from natural ingredients or has any allergens.

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