How Klaire Labs Originated and Became A Health Supplements leader

The suffering of Claire Farr

Klaire Labs developed health supplements due to the fact that Claire Farr had been suffering as a result of food sensitivities and allergies. She knew what symptoms of hives and asthma were all about. She then discovered that chemicals that were hiding in the food she ate were the primary source of her suffering.

Many surgeries, drug therapies as well as alternative solutions did not bring about the improvements for her health that she desired. Then she believed that perhaps she could see some improvement if she began to take health supplements along with making changes to her diet. She tried different types of supplements, but she experienced reactions that were even more severe.

The decision of Claire Farr

When she paid close attention to the ingredients, she noted that there were many preservatives, artificial colors, additives as well allergens in the products. She had a hard time absorbing the value of the health supplements due to the fact that her body could not break the tablets down. There were no liquids, soft gels, powders of capsules available.

Claire then believed that she could create supplements that would be much better. She determined that her supplements would be natural and would not contain additives, allergens, preservatives or artificial colors. Then she proceeded to get raw materials that were required for the kind of natural supplements that she desired. She created them in the form of power and capsules, so that they would be easy to absorb. This is how the health supplements that are produced by Klaire Labs came to fruition.

Klaire Labs Company Expansion

Klaire Labs experienced much success for a long period of time. Then more help was required in the development of an increased number of products. Thus, the company was then sold to Pro Thera/ Soho Florid Inernailan, which is a highly reputable company that has experienced much success for more than two hundred years. This company demonstrates expertise in much research and ingredients that are made with ultra high quality The foundational principles of Claire Farr were applied by this company, which constituted the expansion of products being offered under the brand of Klaire Labs.

Committed to clean products and Health Supplements

Klaire Labs is committed to continuing to provide supplements and vitamins that are clean and that are truly pharmaceutical quality. This company has maintained a trustworthy reputation that is noted as holding forth a high standard of excellence according to some key prominent practitioners within the healthcare industry at this present time. Thus, this brand provides a wide array of products that are indeed natural. These products primarily address the issues of microbiome health, GI health, healthy aging, mood, cognition, as well as women’s health. It is impressive to realize that these top quality products are used by people all across the globe.

Careful science backed by research

Klaire Labs applies careful science that is backed by extensive research in order to derive better solutions for nutrition and health. The reality is that at this present time, gut health is rather challenging. It is noted that many diseases occur as a result of there being an imbalance and damage to the intestinal region. Due to this onset of new understanding, there is a high demand for probiotics and related products that can address the issues of the intestinal region in order to grant the delivery of improved health benefits. Thus, this company is reputed for its wide array of top quality products that contain probiotics. These products are certainly powerful to help bring better health alignment to the intestinal region.

Product that are natural, safe and beneficial

Customers can have the peace of mind that each product that is developed by Klaire Labs undergoes the process of quality control. This means that there is the application of in depth testing that is vastly rigorous. Thus, there is the strict monitoring of products to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and viable right down to the source of the raw materials as well as the finished products. All raw materials are handled with meticulous care and must meet the stringent specifications that have been set forth. With this much care that is put into creation of the products that are offered by Klaire Labs, this demonstrates that this company is committed to forming products that are natural, that are safe and that really work in order to provide the kind of health benefits that customers around the globe want and need.

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