Ayurvedic Secrets to Achieve Bridal Glow Before Your Wedding

Ayurvedic skincare
Ayurvedic skincare

Weddings are one of the most important life events. Most women prepare for their dream weddings many years before they set a date. Weddings are intricate when it comes to preparing yourself for them. You need to work on your mind, body, and soul which helps you in the transition to a new phase of life. Ayurveda has many best-kept secrets that can help both men and women achieve that wedding glow. You can use bringadi oil for the hair, buy kumkumadi oil for the skin, apply turmeric and neem face packs, etc. Through Ayurveda, one may prepare for healthy-looking skin and hair for your big day, as early as a year ago.

Ayurvedic skincare

Ayurveda prescribes many easily available herbs and spices that can be applied or consumed that give excellent benefits to the skin. These herbs are not expensive nor are they rare to find. Some of these are easily grown in your home or kitchen garden. Ayurveda credits some herbs to be magical that can cure any illness and should be used in bridal treatments. Some of these herbs for skin care are:

  1. Turmeric

One of the most important and potent herbs of Ayurveda, turmeric is a root that is dried and powdered for use. The significant yellow stain of turmeric is its unique quality. Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits which help in soothing and healing the skin. Turmeric can be added to food or mixed in face packs to get a beautiful healthy glow. It also helps in soothing rashes and acne. Turmeric is great for facial hair as well since it restricts the growth of hair. Turmeric face packs can leave a yellow stain on the face if left on for more than a few minutes therefore adjust the quantity and time it is used.

  1. Neem

Another potent herbal Ayurvedic medicine, neem is an amazing all-rounder and helps fight a bunch of issues. Neem is great for preventing the skin from bacterial and fungal infections, it can help purify the skin and add glow, it is great for the body as it nourishes and soothes body heat. Neem leaves can be ground at home and can be applied on the face or the extracts of the leaves can be mixed in a face pack. Neem has a characteristic bitter taste which makes it hard to ingest but they are available as neem pills in ayurvedic stores. Neem, when ingested can help improve immunity and clear the digestive tract from bacterias.

  1. Kumkumadi

Kumkumadi is saffron, which is one of the most important ingredients in most face packs. Kumkumadi is mixed in warm milk or in sweets as it helps lighten the skin within. When mixed in face packs, it can help provide a beautiful glow to the skin. Kumkumadi, unlike turmeric and neem, is a tad bit more expensive since it is grown and harvested in very few places in India. Saffron only grows in cold mountain regions and it grows in very small quantities. It is now widely sold as kumkumadi oil.

  1. Vetiver

Vetiver is a root that is dried and boiled with water to create a concoction. This concoction can be used on the face and the body. Vetiver has properties that can heal acne and acne blemishes and clarify the skin from within. It can help in skin lightening as well with continued usage. Vetiver is used in tea or as face mists to hydrate the skin and keep it healthy.

Ayurvedic Haircare secrets

Ayurveda has many potent herbs that can treat hair and scalp issues when used either internally or topically. These herbs are mixed with a carrier oil that acts as the base for these herbs. The carrier oils are neutral oils such as coconut, sesame, and almond oils. Some of these magical herbs are:

  1. Bringadhi

Bringadi oil contains the potent herb bhringraj, known for its restorative properties. Bringadi oil helps in growing new hair and prevents hair loss resulting from hair thinning. Bringadhi also helps in premature greying and baldness.

  1. Brahmi

Brahmi is another great herb that helps in moisturizing the scalp and restore shine and health to the hair strands. It provides volume and thickness to the hair and gives the hair a shiny appearance when used over time.

  1. Amla

Amla is rich in Vitamin C and is credited as a power food. Amla extracts are widely used in traditional hair oils to give natural black hair and prevent dandruff. It can prevent hair loss and hair thinning.

These are some of the herbs that a bride can use for a bridal glow without having to spend on expensive facial treatments.

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