Benzocaine Condoms – For long lasting effect. Seriously? Oh yeaa!

Benzocaine Condoms – For long lasting effect

Men have a real problem holding on to longer duration during sex and it is important for a sexually gratifying experience. Men really like to hold on for a longer time and that is how they prefer. Well, it is important that you know regarding Benzocaine condoms because they seem to have some scientific help concerning your performance on the bed. They delay the orgasm and it gives you enough time to enjoy of every second of what you are doing.

How Exactly it works?!

There is a stimulation nerve located at the tip of the penis. The Benzocaine Condoms suppress the escalation of the nerve that delays the speed of the orgasm. The best part is that your partner will not come to know about it. It is like any other condom that is available in the market but the extra perks is always going to be there. Every move and every sensation needs to be enjoyed and Benzocaine Condoms allow you to do that.

long lasting benzocaine condoms

Benzocaine Condoms are useful for majority of people and they give unwaveringly satisfied results. A disadvantage is that certain men do find it distracting but the huge advantage is that men learn to hold on to orgasmic periods for a longer time.

Advantages of using Benzocaine Condoms:

  • Compared to the normal condoms, they are easy to use. All you have to do is rub the blob at the tip of the penis
  • There is low risk of transference to your partner
  • This can be used secretly and your partner might not just be aware of it. You will get the ultimate satisfaction
  • Benzocaine is safe for most of the people even at the concentration that the condoms provide

 lasting longer in bed - condoms

Benzocaine condoms are a very good warrior against premature ejaculation. But make sure that you do not make it a regular practice of using it daily. It might numb up your erection and it might give in to longer time in getting orgasms.

If used wisely and adequately, Benzocaine condoms are your good companions for a good and healthy sex life and you might have one of the best times that you can share with your partner and something to cherish for a longer time.

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