Coconut oil -> a fat can help you to lose weight!

Coconut oil is extracted from the fruits of the coconut plant. Its nutritional properties make it a valuable food to get daily in the right amounts.

Nutritional properties

The presence in coconut oil of medium chain fatty acids is key feature, because they represent an important source of energy. Instead of their long chain cousins, they can be absorbed and oxidized faster. And the long chain fatty acids’ absence helps to maintain balanced cholesterol levels and weight loss.

Some of its main fatty acids are:

  • Lauric acid (44-51%)
  • Myristic acid (13-18%)
  • Palmitic acid (8-10%)
  • Oleic acid (5.5-7.5%)

The recommendation is to get it an amount equal to one teaspoon every morning, so as to allow the body to make the most of its properties during the day.

Besides feeding, coconut oil is a an incredible product in the field of beauty and fitness. For example cononut oil can be used to take care of hair; like in countries characterized by arid climate, where hair dryness can be countered by the properties of this oil.