Best Chaga Supplement
Rating the Best Chaga Mushroom Powder Suppliers

Before continuing you should first read a bit of chaga and all the benefits it can bring in your life overall, and then if you are convinced in what you’ll find out continue with finding the best chaga mushroom products on the market.

Trying to find chaga on the online market is an easy task, but you sure want to find the best product, with all the best reviews and user testimonies that verify the quality and the effect it takes on your health.

First let’s clarify some essentials, like the three main product groups:

  •  Chaga mushroom extract – also called dual extract, in a form of tinkture, tablet, capsule or powder
  •  Chaga raw powder / Tea bags
  • Chaga dried chunks
  • Chaga mushroom extract

The first one is probably the best way to ingest chaga, because as dual extract you will receive all the benefits of chaga, including the water-soluble and non-water-soluble bioactive ingredients, hence called dual. Because the procedure of extraction is somewhat expensive so this product is more expensive than the rest of the product groups. With the tea or chunks you get only the water-soluble components.

Chaga raw powder / Tea bags

Simple, grinded chaga mushroom chunks in a bag, ready for tea. If you look for, you can even find some tea bags that include some dual extract components, and some might be mixed with other tea, like mint or ginseng, all organic, for added flavor. Pure chaga tea can leave a bit of earthy flavor at the bottom of your tongue.  Raw powder is also used to produce tincture!

Chaga dried chunks

Just like the description, harvested chaga mushroom chunked into small bits and dried. Just be sure you are looking for raw chunks, not the processed ones, and you can chew them, or make yourself a hot cup of tea, or even a tincture.

Now that you know more about the three different groups, you should find out on what to pay attention when you are choosing your chaga product. The first and primary thing you will be looking at is the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) score, which on products with better quality is clearly pointed out, and why is this so special. This is the antioxidant potency of the chaga extract, and it is the reason this is called a super-fruit, and why it is so beneficial. Plus, on the back of each product you can find a supplement fact table (similar to nutrition table on the back of each food product), where you will find out most about the product, like whether it is 100% pure organic, non-gmo, no additives, the way it was extracted, % of polysaccharides, Zinc, Selenium and Betulinic Acid. Here you will probably find the place of origin of the chaga mushroom too.

Tested and confirmed, and you can freely choose from any of the down mentioned companies that produce probably the best chaga products on the market, and you can order it online, and have it in your hands in no time.


Indigo Herbs has all three groups, extract powder, tea and tincture. Feel free to read instructions on how to use, many recipes, exact ways of manufacture, plus they have all the necessary certificates that guarantee their quality. Plus, you can read all the testimonies of their clients, and how chaga mushroom product consumption affected their life. Go for the dual extract, you won’t regret it, or try the wild crafted tea from Estonia!

Chaga Indigo Herbs
Chaga Indigo Herbs

Sayan Chaga – another company with a serious approach and commitment to their clients. All the necessary info on how to and why covers all topics from seed to your stomach. They even went a step ahead, and offer online coffee chaga product, chaga cream, even chaga soap (not hard to make, but still…). Similar to Indigo Herbs, Sayan can answer all your questions and can find the right product for your needs.


PrimalHerb – pure and authentic supplements, comes with a bunch certificates on the bag and all the info of polysaccharides percentage and extraction ratio on the front side of the packaging. It is harvested in the wild of Siberia and has a water and alcohol extraction, with no artificial ingredients at all.


My Berry Organics – FDA approved and harvested in the wild of the State of Maine, plain chaga mushroom slow dried and ready for consumption. Ok, first step it in hot water… Interesting, their chunks are ready for tea, no tea bag or anything, just bits of chaga chunks. And of course, they also answer all your questions, and they offer all the products, extract, powder, liquid, and chunks, with all the recipes and means of use.

Many other companies are present on the market, and many more emerge every day, and just because they are not mentioned above don’t necessarily mean they are not just as good as any other, and this is not a commercial for the above mentioned, just a friendly advice to know what you are looking for and looking at. See their certificates and supplement table, and if you find similar to other manufacturers, go for it, and enjoy!