How CBD Could Help You With Your Health

How CBD Could Help You With Your Health

It wasn’t until around 2018 that CBD started becoming more spoken about in the media and you saw more products on the market containing CBD. CBD gummies, CBD oils, CBD sprays, and capsules. Even CBD-infused coffee!

Nowadays CBD products have become so accepted that it is highly likely you can find them in any local drug store. The reason for this is the potential benefits that CBD can have on your health.

What is CBD

Two of the major ingredients in cannabis (marijuana) are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the main psychoactive chemical found in cannabis, which causes a high effect when consumed. CBD on the other hand is not psychoactive, it just helps you to feel relaxed and calm, so it won’t get you high.

You will find that countries around the world are slowly accepting CBD as a chemical that can be used to help people. However, you will find that certain states in America do not accept any CBD-related products.

Where Does CBD Come From

There are two primary types of the Cannabis sativa plant, hemp, and marijuana. CBD is mainly extracted from hemp. The reason for this is hemp has a low level of THC compared to marijuana.

What Are The Benefits?

With the rising popularity of CBD and its potential health benefits, scientific studies have been conducted to validate the claims of what CBD can do to help. Here are some of the potential health benefits that could help you.

Pain Relief

Some studies have shown that CBD can help reduce pain due to the impact it has on the endocannabinoid receptor, which is the system that helps regulate pain response and other things.

It could also be used to help people with multiple sclerosis and arthritis, helping them manage their pain through CBD use.

Helps With Anxiety

Most methods of treating anxiety are to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to help. However, these drugs can have side effects, such as insomnia and headaches. Certain drugs prescribed could also lead to substance abuse.

This is why some people are more in favor of using CBD to treat their anxiety. It is known to have a calming and relaxing effect on people, with a study showing that a 300mg dose can help reduce anxiety before delivering a speech.

Helps With Sleep

Due to the calming and relaxing effect that CBD has on you, it has been commonly used to help people that have trouble sleeping. One study has shown that a 25mg CBD capsule each day helped 66.7% of people, within the first month, to get better sleep. Better sleeping could also be a side effect of the pain relief benefit that CBD has, allowing people who suffer from pain to be more comfortable, making it easier for them to sleep.

It looks like the acceptance of using CBD is increasing with the public and more and more products are coming onto the market to help people. CBD concentrates are one of the best ways to consume CBD because the process of extraction can get higher amounts of CBD from the plants. The higher concentration means that the effects of CBD can happen faster.

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