How Jojoba Oil Can Benefit With Your Skin Care

Jojoba Oil for Skin Care
Jojoba Oil for Skin Care


Produced from the seeds of Jojoba plant, the Jojoba oil is mostly used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic needs. As the plant is difficult to cultivate, it limits the golden oil to small-scale applications.

Often referred to as an ‘oil’, Jojoba oil is actually a golden-colored liquid wax because of the unique production of it. The golden liquid, is hence similar to the natural oil of our skin, which concludes it’s suitability to all the skin types.
Only a few skin-care products can befriend every skin, making Jojoba oil a trusted approach.


Being one of the most widely used ingredient in lotions and moisturizers, or other skin-care products, Jojoba oil grounds it’s worth with the properties mentioned below :

1. Containing a natural form of Vitamin B and E, Jojoba oil works with the skin and naturally oxidates the skin of all the pollutants and dirt irritating the quality of it, making it an anti-oxidant oil.

  1. The oil provides anti-inflammatory and healing properties which helps relieving dryness, flaking or even itching on the skin.
  2. Jojoba works as a natural anti-oxidant agent, which protects the skin from sun-damage and saves the day!

Additionally, Jojoba oil contains minerals like chromium, copper, and zinc, which leads to nourishment and protection of the skin.

The nutritional facts and the suitability it has with the skin makes it an important part of natural skin care products.


Dominating the show with Vitamin E, there is a hefty list of skin-loving benefits that Jojoba provides, as described below :


• Due to it’s similarity to the natural skin oil, Jojoba balances oil production of the skin, thus reduces the chances of acne growth on the skin.
• As Jojoba comes as an anti-microbial agent, or deters microbes, the attack or growth of bacteria or germs on the skin cuts down to minimum.
• Applying Jojoba oil to the skin, gives it a soothe and moisturizing effect, hence saving it from producing any additional sebum for hydration, which prevents clogging pores, the key to acne production.


Backed by researches, Jojoba oil is trusted to reduce wrinkles and superficial facial lines, further leading to a bettered appearance of the skin and youthful texture of the same.


The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties combined with the Myristic acid, the Jojoba oil provides protection against sun-damage and even addresses sunburn.


• Moisturization – Unlike other water-based moisturizers, Jojoba oil has a natural tendency of providing a substantial long-lasting layer of moisture to the skin, thus saving it more from the environmental exposure.
• Hydration – Being lighter than face oils, Jojoba oil smartly penetrates deep into the skin, providing a hydrated-and-glowing look to it.
• Treating sensitive skin – Due to it’s suitability with every skin type, people with sensitive skin can find Jojoba oil reliable for their skin treatment and care.
• No skin-stress – As the oil suits all the skin types, the activity of the former saves the skin from a lot of product-pressure, which could otherwise lead to unsupportive skin reactions (acne, pimple, allergy, etc)
• Better skin texture – The waxy nature and natural absorption of Jojoba oil on the skin, gives the skin a soothing seal on the surface/layer.
• Rare allergy – Allergic reactions to Jojoba oil is rare due to the unique properties and suitability with the skin.
• Balanced sebum production – The oil regulates sebum production due to the similarity of it with skin’s natural oil, thus keeping the skin texture naturally treated.


• Making sure no ingredients of it causes allergy to your skin, Jojoba oil can further be applied directly (as a lip balm, or anti-aging serum) or indirectly (in lotions, or moisturisers) depending on the treatment and care needed out of it.
• For any query or doubt over the usage or appliance of the oil incases of special treatment of a skin-related issue, advice from a health professional is consulted.
• For the maximum usage of Jojoba oil, it must be kept away from sun-exposure, and stored in room-temperature to extract maximum duration and functioning of it.


The use of pure Jojoba oil for a remedy of acne, wrinkles, sunburns, scars or for general skin-care, concludes it being a valuable beauty ingredient, and suitable for the most part of the process.

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