Criticism – How to Deal with different types of Criticism & live a Stress-less life

Criticism is something which people face in a lot of situations in life. Particularly when they are at work, there will be many who will definitely criticise your work. Hence it is vital that you deal with criticism in the right manner and do not feel discouraged and continue with your work.

Keeping a positive outlook, ah crap! Everybody says this, but how to keep a positive outlook? Read below and check out

The art of handling life in a positive way is to make sure that whatever you do makes you feel good.

  • You don’t need to feel bad or pity for yourself whatever be the case, instead just feel happy whatever you are doing, enjoy it and love it!
  • It’s always best to put your time and efforts to something that makes you feel happy. This applies for the work you do, the person you share your talks with and where you spend most of your time.
  • If you have committed a mistake, don’t blame others, just simply deal with it.

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Focus and Concentration: The best keys

If you feel you are losing the hang of things, there is nothing to worry. You just need to increase your focus and concentration towards things, particularly those which make you feel happy and contented. You cannot finish a job well if you are not completely satisfied. Similarly you cannot finish a work properly if you are not completely focused at it. Hence it is vital that you increase your concentration and focus.

If you feel you are facing difficulty in concentrating over things, why not start some of the concentration exercises such as yoga, meditation which will help you improve in the long run. Believe me these exercises will prove to be a boon in helping improve your concentration.

Your friend: A calmer mind

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The three most powerful things to deal with criticism:

  1. Relaxation
  2. De – stress
  3. Unwind
  • These are the three golden words which can help you deal with criticism. First and the most important thing are to relax. Calm your mind and if people are criticising your work in any form, you just need to understand that each and every person has a different perspective on ideas.
  • You also need to de – stress yourself to seek out things in a clear manner. This can be easily done, just go on a vacation or take a day out for yourself. This will definitely help to de – stress yourself.
  • Unwinding can be done by taking a spa or your favorite massage. All this helps to clear your mind.

Constructive Criticism

Unravel the best tips on dealing with criticism

  1. Bad criticism: You need to understand that some people will discourage you make bad comments over anything you do. Hence it is vital to look out for these people and try avoiding them whatever the case is.
  2. Good criticism: Some criticism is good i.e. people might discourage your work but in order to help you improve. Hence it is better that you learn something good from this kind of criticism.
  3. Understanding different types of criticism: Comprehending different views and opinions. You definitely need to understand the fact that we are living in a world where each and every person has the right to speak anything and everything. So whatever you think is correct may be incorrect with respect to another person’s view. So it’s not necessary view -points of different people will gel together. Hence you need to give space to another person’s view point.

Live life, love life and try to see the good in criticism and how you can improve it, of course avoid the real nasty comments!

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