How Your Mattress Could Negatively Impact Your Health & Overall Well-Being

How Your Mattress Could Negatively Impact Your Health

You need a restorative sleep at night to promote good health and well-being. For most Americans, good sleep is integral to the overall peace of mind. It matters a lot to them. Six out of ten Americans would prefer sleep over sex. However, you need to realize that good sleep would depend primarily on the quality of the mattress you are used to sleeping on every night. Very few people are willing to improve the quality of their mattress. They feel that buying a new mattress is an expensive investment that should better be avoided. However, a bad or an old mattress could be detrimental to your health. Here’s how:

You Would Suffer from Sleep Deprivation

Waking up feeling exhausted and groggy makes you lose concentration while working during the day. Your old mattress could be responsible for the lack of proper sleep at night. You must be tossing and turning all night and struggling to fall asleep because of the uncomfortable mattress. Sleep deprivation triggers a decrease in overall quality of life. Disrupted sleep would be culminating in health issues such as insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, heart issues, hypertension, and many such health conditions.

You Would Experience Joint Soreness

Sleeping on a bad mattress could trigger joint soreness. Generally, a firm mattress is good for your posture and back but often it could exert pressure on your arms, tailbone, and even your shoulders while you are tossing and turning to achieve a comfortable sleep posture at night. Sleep deprivation would be promoting daytime sleepiness.             

As per, “The more you struggle to find a comfortable position, the more it can lead to pain. According to Dr. Michael Schaefer, Director of Musculoskeletal Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Cleveland Clinic, it is normal to try and find a comfortable position, but even the slightest twinge of pain can disrupt your sleep and cause strain on your joints.”

You Would Be Snoring at Night

Your old and overused mattress could promote snoring. In the case, your current mattress is not giving your body the right support, your airways would be under tension and the tissues would get sunk culminating in snoring. Old mattresses are often the leading cause of snoring. Mattresses naturally conform to the body shape that results in blockage of your airways. Even though snoring is quite a common issue, very few people are aware of the adverse implications of snoring and the fact that snoring could culminate in a fatality.

You May Become Overweight or Obese

Sleep deprivation would definitely promote overeating and binge-eating. Your faulty eating patterns and weight gain issues could be associated with your lack of sleep because of your old mattress. A bad quality mattress may be keeping you wide awake at night. Remember it is actually the worst time for snacking.

You May Develop a Weak Immune System

If you do not get sound sleep at night because of your old mattress, your immune system would be adversely impacted and it would become weak gradually. Once your immune system becomes really weak, you would become prone to cough and cold and several other serious illnesses.

An Old Mattress Can Increase Your Stress Level

Stress is brought about by a ton of things, from employment issues to medical issues, yet an examination found that an old sleeping cushion can build your feeling of anxiety also.

The investigation requested that 60 individuals rest on their old beddings for a month, at that point to rest on new sleeping cushions for one more month. The outcomes were clear: During the second month, their feelings of anxiety dropped essentially.

This is the evidence your old bedding is straightforwardly identified with your feeling of anxiety, as the back torment you experience the ill effects of dozing on an old bedding and the fractiousness connected to a poor rest increment the dimensions of cortisol in your body.

Your Mattress Is Triggering Your Allergies

Old beddings are loaded up with kissing bugs and residue bugs. These tiny animals eat the dead cells your body sheds. The procedure sounds gross, and it is.

As indicated by WedMD, 20 million Americans are sensitive to blood suckers, which implies they are experiencing their own sleeping pads. Residue parasites additionally lead to skin issues, for example, dermatitis and respiratory conditions, as they harm your lungs and advance a sore throat. Another symptom of residue vermin is wheezing. The bothering of the aviation routes because of residue bugs builds the dangers of wheezing, making breathing progressively troublesome.

To avert hypersensitivities you can wash your sheets and pillowcases in boiling water or vacuum clean them on customary premise. Rest covers named as “sensitivity verification” can likewise enable you to diminish the quantity of episodes, however the best thing you can do is change your sleeping pad.

The normal bedding ought to be changed each 6 or 8 years, so as to keep it from turning into a ranch of residue parasites and kissing bugs.

A Bad Mattress Can Lead To Back Pain

Another normal issue of dozing on an old sleeping pad is back agony. Your bedding can really advance back agony and keep you from getting a decent night’s rest. Oklahoma State University led an examination on a gathering of individuals and requested that they supplant their sleeping cushions at regular intervals. After the general population supplanted their sleeping pads, they revealed a noteworthy lessening in back torment.

Another reality found by the examination was there are sleeping cushions which give more help to back torment. These discoveries were upheld by extra examinations, which demonstrated the best sleeping cushions against back torment are medium-firm, contrasted with firm and delicate ones.

One more tip: If you are hoping to calm lower back torment, place a cushion between your knees and rest on your side.

Your Heart Is Also Going To Suffer

As peculiar as it might sound, absence of rest additionally puts a toll on your heart. An examination directed by the European Heart Journal demonstrated that individuals who experience the ill effects of absence of rest or poor rest, have 48 percent more odds of building up a heart condition, contrasted with the individuals who rest soundly.

Memory Destruction Can Also Be A Side Effect Of A Bad Mattress

On the off chance that you begin experiencing poor memory, it could be because of your poor rest, which, thus, is because of your poor sleeping cushion. Amid the profound rest, called REM, the recollections are being framed, so in the event that you can’t enter the REM rest, your mind won’t shape the recollections the correct way, which prompts memory debilitation.


Once you can observe that your sleep is really suffering, you may consider buying a new mattress and getting rid of the old one. Sleep deprivation must not be neglected. You may alter your overall lifestyle to boost your health.

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