simple ways to improve digestion
simple ways to improve digestion

We have all heard about gut health and its importance in overall well being, but did you know that our guts contain myriad my microbes? In fact, the number of microbes in our gut is ten times the number of cells we have.

Gut microbes help control the stress hormones calming us down in flared up situations. This is best visible through our behavior of grabbing a bite when we are stressed. And this is exactly why stress could lead to overeating and overweight.

  1. Watch what you eat – The biggest enemy of our gut is processed stuff. Whether it is sugar, cookies or the seemingly harmless packs of cereal that we take for breakfast. Keeping a check on our diet and ensuring we have healthy fats and fiber-rich food can take care of a healthy diet. Probiotics could also go a long way toward improving our gut health.
  2. Watch what you do –The process of digestion starts in our mouth. Besides, chewing our food correctly aids digestion further. Additionally, we can take to yoga or exercise to help our digestion.
  3. Fixed eating schedule – Another very important factor that could help maintain our gut health is observing a fixed eating time. Also, pay attention to the quantity. Avoid eating after 7 PM and do not eat until your stomach hurts.
  4. Have plenty of water – Have lots of water. Water does not just help you combat acidity but also gets rid of constipation. The food that we eat needs lots of water to get digested.
  5. Maintain a healthy weight – Obviously, this goes hand in hand with the points above. If you do all the above and pay attention to the things highlighted, you would have a healthy weight.
  6. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption – Needless to say, smoking and consuming alcohol are not suitable for your health, and it could hamper your health. Alcohol is a depressant and also packs a punch of calories.
  7. Monitor your stress levels – Don’t get stressed and pay attention to your mental health. Detox your body and mind. Digital detox is almost a necessity for you to stay healthy.
  8. Never eat food if you are angry or in a bad mood – As discussed, eating while you are stressed could lead to overeating and you are putting on weight.
Proven Ways to Improve Your Digestion
Proven Ways to Improve Your Digestion

Knowing your timings and being focussed while eating are very important. Eating while watching TV is not okay and could fool you into believing that you are still hungry.

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