Safely Visiting Your Dentists Office During COVID

Safely Visiting Your Dentists Office During COVID
Safely Visiting Your Dentists Office During COVID

Going to the dentist can be scary enough for some people, especially children, add to that a virus pandemic that has taken over the world and essentially locked us in our homes and countries, the last thing we’re thinking about is how well our teeth are being looked after.

But thankfully, as the nation adheres to the rules and restrictions that the governments have put in place for ours and each other’s safety, the medical teams and industries around the world seem to have somewhat of a handle on the situation and things are slowly but surely getting back to the ‘idea’ of normality.

Personal hygiene does not have an expiry date, we need to keep maintaining and managing till the end of our days, dental included and not just physical. So when that calendar alert goes off reminding you to book your 6-month appointment don’t delay, COVID may still be lingering on people’s minds but it doesn’t need to make you a prisoner.

Personal precautions.

We have all heard about and been practicing health and safety measures and although you are now out and about for a few hours a day these don’t seize, you simply implement them into your daily life outside the four walls that you were sure would eat you alive. See this link for quick tips and advice on what these are and the few tweaks you can take to adapt.

But easy enough measures to take can be wearing a mask at all times, having a bottle or 2 of hand sanitizer in your bag, we have a liquid kind and a spray one for when we travel on public transport, we then exit the carriage and immediately have a sanitizer shower. Let’s just say we do get some looks but who’s counting?

Washing hands at every building or facility you enter are now the norm and not touching, hugging, or handshaking friends or family when you meet up, while they may not be infected as such they could be a carrier from meeting with an infected person. It’s just not a risk worth taking for a quick squash, am I right?

Dentist COVID hygiene practices.

It’s no secret that we all need to listen to the procedures set out by the governing bodies in our towns, villages, and countries, and this is the same no matter who you are on the corporate, business, or working-class ladder, COVID knows no status.

Funnily enough, as I am writing on this topic I has had a dentist appointment only 3-weeks ago, and I did not feel worried or concerned at any point during my visit or treatment. The staff would stand 1-meter if not more apart, everyone had face coverings and besides me I saw only 2 other patients, later being told it was due to spreading the appointments out.

This is what I expected but gladly surprised to receive too, if you are getting ready for your annual checkup and have a shadow of hesitation then fear not, try visiting or other sites like it to get an insight into a dental visit that will put your mind at ease.

Not all dental practices are alike, finding one that works and is suited to you might take a few tries, but once you find it, you will always feel at home and at ease irrespective of the treatment.

Why visit the dentist?

I have heard of people who have never been to the dentist, do I want to know what their dental situation looks like inside their mouths? No, thank you.

Visiting for a checkup, cleanup, and maintenance if anything goes wrong is vital, not only does it prevent decay and discoloration, but a routine appointment can detect early signs of oral cancer.

Everyone has their opinion and we know people like to have their say, see what others have to talk about when it comes to dentist visits and are they necessary, and also if it relates to how you may be feeling.

At the end of the day, it is your life to live the best way you see fit, whether you opt to visit the dentist or not is up to you, but Hollywood smiles don’t make themselves.

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