Stress Can Be Deadly If Not Controlled: Reducing Stress And Finding Your Balance

Controlling stress
Controlling stress

Stress has been called “the silent killer” for decades as it has been linked with a number of issues. Increased blood pressure can be a direct result of being far too stressed. The source of the stress could be personal relationships, work, or due to financial hardships. Regardless of the reason you are experiencing stress, you need to find a balance in your life.

There are plenty of tactics to reduce the stress that are unhealthy like drinking alcohol. Alcohol can actually add to stress levels in numerous ways. The quality of sleep you receive after drinking is far less than if you had gone to bed sober. A hangover can add anxiety to your life and give you brain fog. Coping with substances is a slippery slope that needs to be avoided by individuals with massive amounts of stress in their lives. Below are ways to find your balance and navigate your stress levels in a positive manner.

CBD And Other Cannabis Products

CBD is federally legal although states differ in how accessible the compound derived from cannabis is by state. Obviously, states that have legalized marijuana have CBD available without a prescription. Others require an individual to get a doctor’s recommendation or have to qualify by having a certain condition helped by CBD.

Marijuana can be a great way to unwind after a long day. Others might use this to help improve their quality of sleep as they frequently have sleepless nights. Anxiety can be quelled with cannabis which is a main factor when it comes to those with insomnia. Marijuana delivery is available from dispensaries like Kolas in Sacramento which can be found at The idea of cannabis delivery in states where it is illegal is foreign to those that enjoy unwinding with an edible or joint.

Regular Exercise Counts

Regular exercise can give you time when your mind is clear and you focus on something other than your stress triggers. You need to have variety when it comes to your fitness routine to avoid hitting any plateaus. Consistent improvement can be an exciting process that you can motivate yourself with. You should be doing a cardiovascular workout, an interval workout, and lifting weights.

Enjoying exercise can be a bit of a trial-and-error experiment. You might find that competing in some form of game or competition helps you get the best workout. Crossfit is great for this as there is a sense of community and a number of the workouts are timed. Swimming is another great form of exercise that allows you to shut out the outside noise. You can just focus on your heart rate along with breathing patterns.

Meditate On A Daily Basis

Meditation is a practice that so many individuals utilize when they are stressed. Others use this all of the time as it helps them achieve a better sense of self. Sitting in silence can be so important as certain individuals have a whirlwind of noise in their lives. Challenges are present when it comes to designating a space just for meditation. Allowing others to make a mess in the area can be counterproductive as this can anger you or add to your stress. Essential oils are often used with meditation or relaxation to take the experience to another level. Ancient remedies can be an option as even forms of exercise like yoga can have components of meditation involved.

Remember “No.” Is A Complete Sentence

The way that so many people find themselves stressed or anxious is by taking on too much. Parents understand this as schools need volunteers and there are a number of events to attend. Working full-time can make it difficult to find time for yourself if you have a full schedule constantly. Denying requests is a part of life that you should begin to be comfortable with. Management at a job can request extra hours but you are not required to work these if it is not in your contract. Setting boundaries with employers, friends, and family is extremely important. Schedule time for yourself in the time that you would have been doing something you had no desire to help with.

Controlling stress needs to be done proactively before you are too overwhelmed to make any significant changes. List the various activities you take part in that stress you out. You might find that cutting out a single commitment makes a world of difference. Writing out problems and stress triggers can allow you to put a plan in place if you become to be swamped with feelings of anxiety/stress.

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