Water Purification System: Protect Your And Yours Family Health

How To Make Well Water Drinkable
How To Make Well Water Drinkable

Heath is your wealth! You must have listened to this word several times in your from your elders, but due to the busy lifestyle, people don’t pay proper attention to their health. As a result, they generally experience health issues. But here in this blog, we are going to discuss one of the first things which can help you to live healthy and disease free.

As we all know that these days the pollution is increasing day by day. The most significant effect of infection has been seen on the water, and almost all the source of the freshwater is heavily contaminated, and consumption of contaminated water causes several kinds of water-related diseases. Water pollution is one of the biggest problems in both the developing and developed country. A study exhibited that 90% of the freshwater source of China is contaminated and not suitable for drinking purposes.

Effect Of Contaminated Drinking Water

Waterborne disease is the result of the drinking of contaminated water because it contains several pathogens. Being natural or universal solvent water can dissolve almost everything in it. Contaminated drinking water contains both dissolved and microbial source of pathogens, and both kinds of pathogens can be dangerous for your health.

The contamination present in water not only affect your health but also disturb your immune system. Your immune system protects you from various kinds of disease-causing agent. All the person who suffered from the waterborne disease don’t lose their life, but those who survived from this have weakened the immune system, which may affect our overall experience.

Death Caused By Waterborne Diseases

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) report, more than 3 million people lost their life due to the waterborne diseases. The number of child and old aged person is more as compared to the adult. The immune system of the child is in a developing stage, whereas the immune system of the old aged person is weakened; thus, the disease-causing can be more dangerous for them. According to the governmental data every four hours, one person gets ill by waterborne disease, thus avoiding drinking contaminated, and polluted water is necessary.

How To Avoid Waterborne Diseases and Live Healthy Life

Water plays an essential role in our life, and it is necessary to live healthily. It is stated that people can’t live even a week without drinking water because it is required for the various kinds of body function such as removal of toxic material, proper digestion, improves brain functions and many others. Thus one should drink sufficient amount of water, but the same can be dangerous for your health if not healthy and pure.

Drinking purified water is not easy because these days water pollution is regularly increasing. But a water purification system can help you with this. A water treatment system eliminates all kinds of impurities present in the sample. There are various kinds of filter system which can help you to live a disease free life. Here are some of the water filtration system which you should install at your home to protect you and your family health:

RO Filter System

An RO purification system is based on the reverse osmosis technology, which is opposite to the pure osmosis. In the reverse osmosis process water is allowed to pass through a semi-permeable membrane under the presence of external force against the concentration gradient. The semi-permeable membrane has several tiny pores whose size in the Nano-meter thus even a single human hair can pass through it. This filtration system removes almost all kinds of water pollutant form the universal solvent.

This system can help you to drink healthy and safe. But it can easily remove the dissolved impurities or contamination; thus, it is suitable for those areas where the dissolves impurities are high as compare to the microbial contamination. An RO system delivers 100% safe and healthy drink, which help you to live safe and happy.

UV Purification System

A purification system which is based in the Ultra-violate rays are suitable for the removal for the microbial contamination present in the water, but these kinds of purification system don’t deal with the dissolve impurities. Thus UV purification is suitable for those areas where the microbial contamination is high as compared to the dissolved impurities.

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