What Does Vaping Really Do to Your Body?

Vaping Health Risks - The Known Effects of Using E-Cigarettes. What You Need to Know

Health Risks of E-Cigarettes and Vaping
Health Risks of E-Cigarettes and Vaping

Vaping devices have been successful in making people leave their smoking habit and instead turn towards vaping which is believed to be less harmful than cigarettes by many people. People start off by vaping along with smoking and then as time moves on, they increase the amount of vaping and decrease their smoking slowly and gradually. Finally, there comes a time, when they have completely eliminated their smoking and shifted entirely to vaping. However, it must be noted that vaping is believed to be ‘less harmful’ than smoking which does not at all means that vaping is not harmful; all it means is that smoking is more harmful. Therefore, there are problems caused to your body due to vaping as well.

Some of the many ways in which vaping affects your body are as follows:

  • The addiction: The reason why you need vaping as an alternative to quit smoking explains this point very much. It means that you will need something to satisfy your addiction to smoking. Vaping is as addictive as smoking is for people. Apart from those people who are switching to vaping from smoking, newer entrants to vaping are also vulnerable to this addiction problem caused by vaping. Once you start vaping just as an entertainment activity in your spare time to enjoy the tasty flavors that the e-juices have to offer, you will get addicted to the juices’ nicotine in no time. Adding to this, sometimes, vaping devices can be even more harmful than traditional cigarettes, but this is totally up to you. You might buy flavors with high nicotine levels, even higher than what a normal cigarette contains. However, you might also get permanent relief from your addiction if you gradually decrease the amount of nicotine in your e-juices.
Vaping: why e-cigarettes may be more dangerous than we realized
Vaping: why e-cigarettes may be more dangerous than we realized
  • Reproductive health: Research shows that consuming nicotine, present in e-cigarettes, can harm a person’s reproductive abilities. This problem is especially severe and alarming for a pregnant woman who might cause harm to her unborn baby by consuming nicotine. If nicotine is consumed during pregnancy, the child might be born disabled in some sense. The reason being that the nicotine consumed by the mother reaches the developing fetus indirectly and causes harm to it. The most common and primary problems caused by consuming nicotine during pregnancy are underweight babies and babies with breathing diseases such as asthma. These problems can be life-threatening too for the baby.
  • Eyesight: Apart from nicotine, there are also several other types of chemicals present in an e-juice that would cause harm to your body parts. A chemical named propyleneglycol can cause serious damage to your eyes. The problem might start as slight irritation in eyes, but it might increase and go on to make you even lose your eyesight in severe cases. Other chemical particles inhaled can eb small enough to enter your lungs and weaken your lungs and make them vulnerable to serious diseases.
  • Unregulated mods and lithium ion batteries: Unregulated mods are extremely dangerous as they draw power directly from the battery. As you are directly consuming vaporizers powered by the battery, you might get vulnerable to mouth cancer. This can happen due to the strong of vaporizers that you are consuming. Adding to this, the lithium ion batteries that most of the vaping devices use poses a very serious threat of exploding as a result of a short-circuit or overcharging if it is not functioning appropriately. The most crucial case here can occur if the battery explodes while you have the vaping device on your mouth. It can result in serious fatal injury to your face, mouth, tongue, teeth and lips. The injuries might require extensive surgeries to be treated and might also cause life-long disabilities in the victim.
  • Mind health: Vaping can cause serious damage to your mind health too. You might experience problems with your attention span, thinking and mood swings. Overall, your brain’s activeness might get harmed as a result of nicotine consumption.
  • Heart health: There is much evidence to support the idea that your heart health will be affected as a result ofexcessive vaping. In the immediate term, vaping can increase your heart beating rate and your blood pressure. Adding to this, it would get increasingly difficult for your heart to deliver blood and oxygen to the cells around the body leading to a greater potential risk of heart attack in the longer term.
Harmful effects of vaping being ignored by UK health authorities
Harmful effects of vaping being ignored by UK health authorities

Although vaping is not free from harmful diseases, the companies are getting more and more aware of the potential risks caused by vaping. Consequently, they are working hard to decrease these potential risks by extensive research and betterment in their products. Many of these companies believe, very rightly so, that it is their responsibility to educate people about the harmful side effects of vaping.

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