Why one should practice Ashtanga yoga

For many people, Ashtanga yoga is an extremely challenging and way too exhausting yoga style. Is this the true essence of Ashtanga yoga for many people or are these merely outdated prejudices? Indeed, Ashtanga yoga involves four series, structured postures and demands a lot of discipline and commitment on the part of practitioners. Nevertheless, the challenging Ashtanga yoga is a huge gift for all those who practice; it allows them to take up the practice independently, putting them in a position where they develop on a daily basis.

The daily practice of Ashtanga yoga rewards the individuals with the gems of peace, serenity, and well-being. This mind-body practice is often touted for its numerous physical and psychical benefits that keep practitioners in the sound shape of health.Here are some of the notable reasons for practicing Ashtanga yoga:

  1. Transform into a better human being: The style of Ashtanga yoga thrives on the magic of repetitive postures and introspection. When a performer engages in a regular practice of similar yoga postures interlinked with the breath, then one can dive deeper into the style, learn the intricacies of the yoga form and also has the opportunity to discern one’s limitations and to transcend them.
  2. Enhances Flexibility: Break the myth that you need to be fit and flexible to practice Ashtanga yoga. A popular adage goes if you can breathe then you can do Ashtanga yoga. As a beginner to the science of Ashtanga yoga, give time to your body to adapt to the practice, build your own pace and eventually you shall be rewarded with flexibility. What makes the style of Ashtanga yoga more beautiful is the fact that a practitioner learns from the scratch and develops according to his/her abilities.
  3. Creates Inner Strength: One of the premises of Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga is that it involves a lot of arm balance postures, movements that require holding of one’s own body weight improving an overall body strength. The practice of yoga postures linked with the breath strengthens the muscles and fortifies the core.
  4. Tranquilizes the Mind: Yoga is a method of unifying the opposites that exist within us to settle the mind and body in a state of equilibrium. Approached with commitment and sensitivity, Ashtanga yoga is an incredible tool that calms the mind. Ashtanga yoga is also one of the best ways to develop self-discipline and a meditative routine.The purpose of meditation is to improve the state of mind that is conducive to peace, happiness, and well-being and removes those areas that aren’t.
  5. Develops Self-Discipline and Awareness: The Ashtanga yoga is a six-day practice (except on Lunar Days and Saturdays). Committing to a regular Ashtanga practice deeply instills the values of self-discipline in a practitioner. Intensify your spirituality with regular Ashtanga practices. The divinity within you becomes brighter when you show up on the mat with utmost dedication. You become impersonal and one connected with the reality. The practice leads the person on a path to self-awareness, a state where we uncover our bad habits, negative patterns so that we can transform them and can connect with our higher self.
  6. Prepares you for Meditation Practices: Many people perceive Ashtanga yoga to be a substitute for meditation, while it’s not, it is a fantastic preparation. The ujjayi pranayama is a cornerstone of Ashtanga yoga practice that clears the blockages in the subtle energy channels helping the body to settle and preparing the mind for meditative practices to experience stillness.
  7. Lowers Blood Pressure: The Ashtanga yoga practice is carried out in a heated room and involves a lot of intense yoga postures that makes you precipitate, detoxifies your body and improves blood circulation which effectively lowers blood pressure and promotes good heart health.
  8. Effective Weight Loss Remedy: If you are on a lookout for a natural, safe weight loss remedy, then turn to the science of Ashtanga yoga. The regular practice of diverse yoga postures with correct alignment effectively reduces fat from the stomach and arms. Ashtanga yoga also promotes greater awareness, helps us alter our behavioral patterns thus making us conscious about our food habits and resulting in weight loss.
  9. Therapeutic Effects: A regular practice of Ashtanga yoga is highly therapeutic for a backache, digestive system, liver, gallbladder, etc. The Ashtanga yoga postures strengthen the back, tone the abdominal muscles, massage the digestive system, improve circulation, and enhance the functioning of various internal organs that promote robust health.
  10. Amplifies Energy: It is not an unknown fact that the correct practice of yoga invigorates a body and so does the style of Ashtanga yoga. Many Ashtangis claim that the consistent practice of intense Ashtanga Yoga postures energizes their body and rejuvenates their mind rather than leaving them tired and exhausted.
  11. Storehouse of goodness: There are no second thoughts that a dedicated practice of Ashtanga yoga bestows the practitioners with endless physical, mental and spiritual benefits. From strong muscles to a serene mind and emotional stability to spiritual elevation, Ashtanga yoga is the ultimate key to wellness, richness, and boundless health.
Ashtanga yoga practice
Ashtanga yoga practice

Delve into the practice of Ashtanga yoga and embark upon a journey of transformations filled with happiness, vitality, health, and harmony.