Your 5 step guide to Quantum Yoga – What is it? How to do? Other Facts!

Your 5 step guide to Quantum Yoga
Your 5 step guide to Quantum Yoga

Geography of Quantum Yoga

Quantum yoga can be defined as the type of yoga that not only strengthens and tones the muscles but also keeps the internal glands and organs healthy in addition to keeping the mind alert. Quantum yoga helps in the rejuvenation of the mental and physical healing. Quantum yoga has the added benefit of visualization that keeps the body and soul attentive.

Quantum Yoga – A leap into who started the practice

The credit for introducing quantum yoga goes to Lara Baurmann. Quantum yoga involves the constructing dynamic sequences that are in tandem with practitioner’s current physical, mental, and emotional needs in addition to the availability of time and space. The practice of quantum yoga helps the person in gaining magnetic personality, good health, improved relationships and success in his/her career endeavors.

Knowledge guide to quantum yoga

Quantum yoga is gaining prominence as this type of yoga is helping people in gaining their true potential by awakening their inner power. Quantum yoga is based on the principles of quantum physics, which has proven that energy and matter are not easily divisible as energy is more substantial than the matter itself.

As such, quantum yoga is based on the theory that human body is not just based on flesh and bones but it is imbibed with prana or spirit/life force. Any disturbances in the human mind have a direct effect on this pranic flow that in turn manifests as physical sensations or diseases. It is possible to track the human body back into a healthy stage or process by addressing body, breath, and mind through quantum yoga.

  • Quantum Yoga is a culmination of yoga with modern science of physics in particular with Quantum Physics.
  • The students involved in the practice of quantum yoga have to practice the basic quantum sequences in regular succession except when the student is suffering from certain diseases or the student is incapable of understanding the steps involved in quantum yoga.

Quantum Yoga

The golden five step guide to Quantum yoga

The five-step guide that would help in successful practice of quantum yoga involves the following ones.

  1. Vata regulation–Vata regulation involves balancing the vata or air, which is responsible for movement of body and mind. To strengthen and stabilize the vata involves doing exercise such as Ashtanga –style sun salutations to loosen up body joints and to establish vinyasa or breathe synchronized movement in addition to maintaining steady posture and a stable connection to the ground.
  1. Sound of birds – The second step involves listening to the sound of birds accompanied with healing sounds of nature and recordings of Shamanic rituals that brings the person in close contact or rapport with Mother earth.
  1. Infinity trees – The third step involves the practice of eight tree vinyasas or compositions to deal with Vata imbalances. These tree exercises help the student in connecting his/her spirit with the nature.
  1. Quantum Master Sequence –The quantum master sequence is another composition or vinyasa that increases the prana or vitality thereby ensuring the integrity of body and mind. This yogic posture emulates the dancing posture of Lord Shiva dancing his cosmic dance of transcendence.
  1. Cool It – The Cool IT step or posture regulates the fiery pitta temperament, which is responsible for digestion process of the human body. The Cool It posture is started with a long seated meditation that includes pranayama in conjunction with the application of bandhas.

Procedure of performing

Quantum Yoga is performed like any other yogic exercise or asana. However, in this type of yoga, the yogicasana or postures are duly synchronized with the vinyasa (breath movements). The procedure of performing quantum yoga depends upon the type of asana being done by the student or the practitioner.

Performing various asanas require the process of understanding and developing the skill to apply the Quantum Yoga  principles in addition to exploration of the concerned student’s rapport with each asana. For instance, the Lotus Mandala sequence requires the person to stand on his/her hands and legs posing as a peacock.

Quantum Yoga peocock asan

Facts related to Quantum Yoga

Quantum Yoga has now attained the cult status as most sought after Yogic techniquethat has embraced the principles of quantum physics. The quantum yoga postures are beneficial to all people practicing them irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, and sex. However, people with certain medical conditions should avoid certain postures of Quantum Yoga such as practicing inverted postures that can be harmful for those with high blood pressure.

Finally, it can be said that Quantum Yoga is for those who would like to attain tranquil body and mind.

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