Bodybuilding at Home: Advantages and Disadvantages

Bodybuilding at Home: Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages and Disadvantages of Bodybuilding at Home

+ Benefits of bodybuilding at home

Long-term investment       

After two years of a gym membership you will usually pay between 500th and 2000th. If you want to do weight training at home this sum is a very good base for a solid and versatile equipment. The key word here is “investment”: Everything you buy will belong to you and can be profitable.

A material will last several years if it is well chosen and maintained correctly. In other words, once you have amortized your investment, you will save money compared to an indoor registration.


Of course, you save time on the round trip to get to the weight room. But you also have to end the time that really separates you from your session: change the locker room, wait for someone to finish his series to use a machine … So many situations that you avoid at home.

Beyond the time savings of bodybuilding at home, there is also a form of freedom to practice at home. You do not have as much constraint as for the gym and you are able to choose the best moments to train.


Concentration is a key element in your progression. It is by being focused that to improve your technique of execution, your neuromuscular connection and that you will manage to progress quickly.

In the gym, distractions are everywhere. Screens, other subscribers, waiting times. The gym is a constant movement that makes it difficult to concentrate.

However, by practicing bodybuilding at home, you forget all that because there is nothing that stands between you and your progress. You even have the opportunity to promote your concentration and motivation. Choose the outfit you really want to put on, your heart playlist and go!

Ego, character, and performance

The weight room has a strong social dimension compared to bodybuilding at home. It is because of this social aspect that some become “ego lifters”. These people will usually use loads too heavy for them or exercise for hours using all the machines to impress others. They will often sacrifice the quality of exercise performance and get close to injury. The ego lifter will usually stagnate quickly because it lacks focus and consistency in its program.

Unlike the ego lifter, the social aspect may be a issue for some. There is this apprehension to be observed during his sport. It can come from a physical complex or a performance complex. The consequences are in the short term of unproductive and shipped sessions and in the long term a gradual decline in motivation and perhaps a withdrawal from the sport.

At home, it’s easier to be humble by using loads that match your level. For people who “experience” the social dimension of the gym this can be an opportunity to build confidence by mastering the exercises, progressing in performance and improving its relationship to oneself. By practicing bodybuilding at home, you can fully enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and reinforce the idea that you are on the right path. This is less true in the room because many people, even after a good session, are still in the comparison and forget to rejoice in the efforts they have just provided.

Choice of material

When it comes to a gym membership, it’s almost always “all-inclusive”. This means a subscription for all that the room offers: group lesson, fitness cardio, guided and free weight training. In practice, you will often have machines, see entire areas that you will never use. You may also be disappointed with the amount of equipment offered.

– Disadvantages and tips for bodybuilding at home

Short-term investment 

The investment to be made immediately is not negligible, especially when starting in this sport. If we stay on a short term vision then the gym is much more affordable.

If the cost of your project seems an obstacle but you want to practice bodybuilding at home then gradually make your purchases. For example, you can complete your workout with bodyweight exercises to acquire the “rest” of your equipment. By buying a pull bar you have the opportunity to work for all muscle groups at bodyweight.

You also don’t need much space. If you’re looking to improve your fitness routine in the comfort of your own home, consider for example a stair-stepper machine. Twister steppers, or mini stair climbers, are compact and dynamic fitness devices for your home. You can choose one here. You can use it at home or in the office. Plus, it is designed to simulate stair climbing movement.

It is possible to train only body weight and to have very good results. In this case, the investment can be limited to a drawbar, a gym mat and possibly parallel bars.

For those who want to train with loads, think about what you’re really going to be doing, the exercises you like to do, and take some versatile equipment to work the whole body.


If you are complete beginner, there is always an unknown: will you really love this sport? As long as the answer is not clear you can expose yourself to regrets in case of significant investment. It may be interesting in your case to start with bodyweight to familiarize yourself with this sport before you start investing more money.

Another possibility would be to take an indoor subscription to start and discover this sport. This will allow you to know the equipment and make better investment choices later. The ideal would be to find a room that offers subscription without commitment and train a few months.

Then there is a phenomenon that affects both beginners and confirmed: motivation. It is not always easy to train alone. Of course, many people pay a subscription for the year and do not go there often.

However, I know a few people who make the effort to go to the gym and do not train. This is one of the benefits of the gym there is, in theory, nothing else to do there.

Space and life project 

Whoever trains with body weight can train in any room, at worst it will be enough to move some furniture. However, if you use hardware it will require a minimum of space, if not a dedicated room.

It is even more valid if you do not live alone, or there are children at home. This may be original as decoration but it is very limited in terms of security.

If you have enough space it will still be necessary to consider the integration of this project in your life. Are you a nomadic person who will probably move several times? Maybe you plan to use this free room for a child’s room? It hurts a lot to invest money and lose money because you have to sell your equipment in disaster.

Take the time to think about it and if you take the plunge, take multipurpose equipment first. You will make better use of your space and, if necessary, you will be able to sell it more easily.


There are two main risks to practicing bodybuilding at home:

  • Execution of movements: If you are a beginner, you will have to spend time learning the movements in video and correct yourself. I advise you to read several blogs or watch videos explaining the movements and positions to be respected. The ideal would be to film yourself to check the quality of the execution of exercises. If you have the opportunity, you can also take hours with a specialized coach who can show you the basic movements and give you some practical advice.
  • Physical integrity: Some movements are dangerous during failure. During the bench press, for example, not succeeding in repetition means that you cannot raise the bar. In case of failure you can potentially stay locked under the bar. When training alone, we will voluntarily take care of one or two safety “repetitions” to avoid these pitfalls. However, it will take a little practice to know his level and know how to estimate this margin of safety. The simplest for a beginner would be to use dumbbells or have security provided in your device (power rack or security candles).

The social aspect 

By practicing bodybuilding at home, you will miss the opportunities for meetings offered by the gym. It is very easy in the room to make friends because you practice the same sport and you will always have common goals with some. You will also find people with a more advanced level or coaches who can guide you and advise you.

For some getting to the gym brings a little variety to everyday life. It allows to change air, find some friends or spend a pleasant time during a group lesson. Many people live this moment as “an outing” and maintain their motivation through this aspect. Besides, many do not hesitate to stay a quarter of an hour after the meeting to discuss.

You can try to reproduce this by inviting some friends to practice with you. You can also combine bodybuilding at home with occasional training indoors or outdoors with other practitioners.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope he has helped you to consider some points to better choose your place of training. If you think this article can help other people then I invite you to share it around you.

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