Healthcare Research Paper: How to Succeed in Writing

When it comes to writing research papers on healthcare it seems like a very practical and not too challenging task. Finally, we are all concerned about our health and we assume that it is very easy to find a great topic to write on and it is rather simple to find research data for our paper. At some point, it can be true, but still, you should be very concentrated when it comes to writing a healthcare research paper not to make some basic mistakes which will ruin your overall result. We’ve collected some do’s and don’ts related to this kind of assignment and are glad to offer you sample topics for your research paper on healthcare.

How to Choose a Topic

When choosing a topic, you should focus on something you are truly interested in. Of course, it is a rather often situation when your professor chooses a topic for you, but you should not agree if the chosen topic is something that can’t possibly relate to. Don’t be afraid to offer your own ideas on healthcare research paper and direction of the research. It is not a form of protest, your professor won’t be angry or dissatisfied. Be prepared to defend your position and most probably you will gain some extra respect, as your professor will see you are truly interested in the outcome. When choosing a topic, make sure that it has a theoretical background and also can be practically applied to our lives. It is a perfect combination, if you can choose such a topic, you won’t have many problems with writing.

15 Stellar Topics for a Healthcare Research Paper

  • Varicose disease of the leg and thigh
  • Bleeding with peptic ulcer duodenal ulcer
  • Violations of posture in young men and their correction by means of physical culture
  • Modern technologies in the complex physical rehabilitation of preschool children with cerebral palsy
  • Method of scoliosis correction using fitball gymnastics
  • Analysis of the quality of the endoscopic room
  • The degree of influence of the conditions of the production environment and the labor process on the functional state of the body
  • Tumors: types, development, treatment
  • Risk factors in the development of late gestosis in pregnant women
  • Organizational and economic aspects of the implementation of pharmacogenetic testing in practical health care
  • Neurotic asthenia as the etiopathogenetic mechanism of pulmonary pathology
  • Suggestive psycho muscular relaxation in ischemic heart disease
  • Indications for psychotherapy of patients with bronchial asthma
  • Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Newborns
  • Physical rehabilitation of elderly people with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine
  • Neurosis as an etiopathogenetic mechanism of hypertensive disease
  • Psychological features of people suffering from alimentary constitutional obesity

What to DO when Writing a Healthcare Research Paper

Write a thorough plan and make your professor confirm it. Without this plan, you will get stuck all the time, and you won’t be able to count the amount of time needed to finish a particular paper. When your professor confirms your plan, he shares responsibility with you.

Follow your outline and don’t skip anything. You need to write at least something every day. When you start thinking “well, okay, today I will rest, and tomorrow I will double my efforts” everything piles up, and you can’t finish what you’ve started. Remember that you tomorrow is not better than you today.

If you feel like you get stuck to look for healthcare research paper help online. We don’t offer you to buy a research paper for cheap written by experts, but you can ask for help with one or two chapters which are of no particular interest to your and take time (for example, annotated bibliography or methodology sections).

Make thorough proofreading before you submit your research paper. It is a must. It is better to proofread your paper several times than to make it more creative. In-depth research is good, but if you make lots of mistakes it will be completely ruined.


Don’t try to use free online samples for your paper. They are all plagiarized and low-quality. Their usage also can be considered as plagiarism. Also, make sure to check your final draft with anti-plagiarism software to detect technical plagiarism. Use citation generators to save time on in-text and bibliography citations.

Don’t ignore your professor’s recommendations. Many students think that the professor has many students and he or she will forget about his instructions and demands. He or she won’t because they note those recommendations. So don’t try your chances and take into account every comment made by your professor.

Don’t use outdated sources. It was fine once to use sources which are 10 years old, but it is not fine now. With all the online and offline sources you have access to, it is a shame to use references which are more than 3 years old, especially when it comes to experiments.

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