Top 5 Apps For Foodies

Top 5 Apps For Foodies
Top 5 Apps For Foodies

There’s an app for everything these days, whatever pastime or pursuit you enjoy you’ll be able to find digital accompaniment.

We’ve already looked at the essential apps for keeping obesity at bay, but there are also apps that help proper foodies out there. After all, eating wisely is essential, but eating well is an indulgence and a love of fitness can be combined with a love of food, and who doesn’t love nice food?

If you’re a passionate foodie looking for some apps to help you pursue your favorite pastime, we’ve got five here that should be right up your street.

Open Table

Open table is essential for any food lover in the U.S. It’s a booking app which means you can make your reservations on your phone. All your favorite places can be rated too, so if you’re in a new area you’re able to see exactly what people think of the places to eat there.

The real bonus is the loyalty scheme this app offers. Every visit to an eligible Open Table restaurant gives you the chance to earn points which can then get redeemed for cashback and coupons.

Street Food Tycoon

The dedicated foodie can’t be eating or booking restaurants all of the time, so occasionally they’ll need an app that doesn’t lead straight to the table. One of the best games that can be downloaded for the passionate foodie is Street Food Tycoon, a game which won the Editor’s Choice Award run by PC Magazine.

Even non-traditional platforms such as gaming portals are taking advantage of this demand for food-based games. Foxy Games have a variety of slot titles based around food including Cake Off, Purple Hot, and Donuts that put different types of food at the heart of the gameplay. Food games have even sprung up on devices such as the Nintendo DS and many other popular platforms. Reaffirming our love for food, regardless of what form it comes in.

Food Street

If street food isn’t your bag, perhaps having a go at designing and managing your own restaurant is? Food Street is described as a restaurant simulation and management game that lets you create, design and decorate your own restaurant.

There are the usual gameplay elements that revolve around collecting ingredients and it is the perfect way to spend a few hours in between each sumptuous meal. It’s free and Appspirate describe it as having ‘gorgeous graphics’ too, making it good to look at and play.

Fork It

Once the gaming is over and done with, perhaps you want to become a better cook yourself? This app is perfect for those who want to become more hands-on, but don’t know where to start. Home cooking isn’t easy at all, so a little help is appreciated.

The app turns cooking into a fun challenge through daily check-ins and different challenges, such as making certain types of dishes. If you’ve got some foodie friends, you can take part in cooking challenges that help to build healthy habits by encouraging home cooking.

No Wait

No Wait is the perfect app for those who regularly find themselves standing in line at their favorite restaurant. Instead of wasting all that time doing nothing, download No Wait and let it alert you to when your table is ready.

Grab a drink in a nearby bar, go around the shops or just leave a little later; No Wait will essentially keep your place in the line and send you a notification when it is free.

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