Here’s What You Need to Know about Pre-Workout Supplements

What You Need to Know about Pre-Workout Supplements
What You Need to Know about Pre-Workout Supplements

Hitting the gym is always a pleasant experience no matter what. If you have been to any gym on a regular basis, or are still doing so, then you must know how it is a whole world of its own. There are people working hard to get that beast-like body and then there is a new mother, trying to shed some of her weight post-birth.

All in all, everyone at the gym has a fitness goal to fulfill and this passion of them sometimes leads many to give them different advice. As some who works out, one advice that you must have been given lately by a lot of people would be to try some pre-workout supplements.

Many might have gone at lengths about why you should use them and what are the benefits but there must be someone who’d have warned you about the risks of these supplements. There are chances that you want to try them out but haven’t yet understood the pre-work supplements basics and what they actually are? Do you actually need these supplements just because you are hitting the gym regularly?

Well, listening to podcasts about pre-workout and watching videos with pre-workout supplement reviews is a great way to understand the science behind these. However, here is a round up on all that you should know about pre-workout supplements in case you don’t have a lot of time to spend on research.

What are pre-workout supplements?

Simply stated, pre-workout supplements are mostly bottled powder formulas that you need to mix in water or your drink and gulp on before you start working out. The drink that you prepare using these supplements is supposed to do the following:

  • Give you more energy
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Prepares the body for an extra stressing activity i.e., cardio or other heavy exercises
  • Boosts stamina for longer durational exercises

All of these help you in your gym session, ensuring that you get stronger and tougher day by day.

What is a pre-workout supplement made of?

It is natural to ask this question if you are considering making a pre-workout supplement a part of your daily workout routine. The truth is, there are a number of workout supplements available in the market by different brands. This makes it hard to pass a single-handed judgment about the workout supplements as a whole.

Each brand has its own long list of ingredients that it puts inside your pre-workout formula. Some of the most commonly present elements included in most pre-workout supplements are:

  • Protein
  • Nitric oxide and related elements
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Caffeine
  • Creatine

However, one can never be sure of the amounts of these elements that are there in their pre-workout supplement unless the manufactures claim and prove of it.

A recent research study on the profiles and identity of ingredient used in multi-ingredient work out supplements revealed that most of the internationally acclaimed brands producing these supplements hide many of the used substances in a pre-workout formula.

Yes, it is true that nearly 50% of the ingredients used in these formulas by the top 100 producers are unknown. They can be anything, form good carbs and proteins to steroids that your body can start depending on completely.

Such information really leads one to reconsider if he or she should ever take these supplements or not. Let us break it down for you here below:

Should you be taking pre-workout supplements? Or not?

No matter how good or bad, pre-workout formulas is not going to help every other person who goes to the gym and works out intensely. Many times, people working out are not lacking any energy or stamina as such and are still relying heavily on these formulas. As a result, they start experiencing more harm from their intake or a pre-workout formula than the benefits they expected from it.

No one can ever know your body and its needs more than you and this makes it possible only for you to decide if you need a workout supplement or not. Most of the time, people start feeling tired after only one to two reps in the gym. Even when this is a sign of you being low on energy, resorting to supplementation is not the first thing you should do in such a case. Instead starting lighter would help your body energize itself more. Stay hydrated and sleep more, and your energy issues might be resolved on their own.

Once this all stops working and you really feel like your body needs these supplements, then go and discuss it with your gym trainer. A professional will guide on which supplement with which specific ingredients you need or not and how much of it you should be using.

Only after you have been given a green signal and have failed in gaining energy with other natural tricks, then you should start taking these supplements in mediocre amounts only. Additionally, there are some benefits and obvious drawbacks of using pre-workout supplements that you should consider too before making any decisions:

The benefits of pre-workout supplements

Here are some obvious and most useful impacts of taking pre-workout supplements in a balanced manner:

1.    Improved energy

This one is pretty evident. All the known ingredients of a pre-workout supplement are natural energy boosters. The carbs in a supplement like this instantly recharge your energy levels, allowing you to work out with ease even after a stressful and tiring day at the office.

2.    Boosted alertness

Doing any physical activity correctly needs a full focus and a mind free of diversions. Thanks to the caffeine that almost every pre-workout supplement has, you feel alert and have a better focus on whatever you are doing after taking it.

Other than these, less drainage of energy and feeling fresh are some other things that you will feel after a pre-workout supplement intake.

The side-effects of pre-workout supplements

Here’s what can possibly go wrong

1.     Heavy reliance

Taking these a lot can make you dependent on the steroids inside. As a result, you are unable to do even a simple activity on your own too.

2.     Health issues

Not all of us can digest the heavy doses of energy. This can sometimes lead to nausea, digestive issues, and other severe health problems after taking these supplements.

As much as they are good, not taking the kind of supplement that matches your energy needs can be a problem in disguise. You should always consult a professional before taking these supplements so that there’s no problem in your body balances ever.

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