How Acupuncture Can Help You Improve Your Fertility
How Acupuncture Can Help You Improve Your Fertility

Some parents are lucky to conceive without even trying. Most couples do not find it hard at all to get pregnant. But for some, fertility has become one of the greatest challenges in their married life. If you happen to be one of those couples who are trying to conceive, stay positive. We are here to help.

There are many ways to help increase your fertility and chances of getting pregnant. Doctors would usually advise tracking or charting your ovulation or period cycles. Some would issue fertility medicine, ask you to go on a diet, exercise, go on bed rest, and ask you to schedule sex. Some would result in IVF (in vitro fertilization) and many more alternatives depending on your cycle and condition.

There are clinical ways to do it and natural ways to help your body ovulate properly as well. Clinical methods are usually expensive and not everyone can afford it. It takes a lot of time, effort, money and frequent visits to the doctor. This is why most parents would go for the natural alternative. Some doctors have suggested taking herbal medicine and exercising. But one of the best, natural and effective ways of improving one’s fertility is through acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for 3 thousand years and has been known as the most significant mode of treatment for the Chinese people. It has been proven to be effective not only for improving fertility but also for treating other various health conditions as well.

Parents can greatly benefit from acupuncture not just for fertility but for other conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, nerve damage, headaches, migraines, thyroid disease, asthma, back pain, injuries, cramps, muscle tension, spasms, hot flashes, constipation, bloating, dysmenorrhea, morning sickness, arthritis, and a whole lot more.

How Chinese Medicine can help boost your Fertility
How Chinese Medicine can help boost your Fertility

In fertility, acupuncture plays a big role in helping the reproductive organ perform 100%. It is important to get a professional acupuncturist to ensure that you are in good hands.

Here are the advantages of acupuncture in fertility:

  • Acupuncture reduces stress

Stress is one of the main factors that prevent women from ovulating. The needles are inserted in different acupoints that help give balance to your body. It regulates your blood pressure allowing stress to be released to give you that relaxing feeling.

  • Acupuncture Increases blood flow to reproductive organs

As it helps to change your blood pressure, it sends neurotransmitters that are connected to organs in your body. It helps circulate blood flow to balance out the functions of the reproductive organs. It corrects spasms caused by stress to your fallopian tubes and the uterus.

Acupuncture can also help men’s reproductive organs by countering the effects of stress and cortisol, which can lower sperm count and cause impotence.

  • Acupuncture balances the endocrine system

Acupuncture helps you not only to get pregnant, but also to stay pregnant in order to have the baby. It stimulates the hypothalamus to balance the hormones in the endocrine system. It reduces mood swings and hot flashes and restores hormonal imbalance that can lessen your rate of fertility.

  • Acupuncture relieves pain

Contrary to what others may think, acupuncture does not hurt. Yes, the process involves needles being inserted in certain parts or acupoints of your body, but the process is surprisingly painless. It’s even quite relaxing.

Infertility, acupuncture is often mixed with clinical methods to get a higher chance of conception. Fertility drugs are known to increase fertility by 20 to 60 percent. But it is not a guarantee. It would depend on the condition of both male and female partners as well.

According to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, 40 percent of infertility is caused by the female, the other 40 percent by the male and the remaining 20 percent is an unknown factor. To get a 65.5 percent increase in conception rates, combining acupuncture therapy and other clinical methods would greatly increase the rate of conception by 26 percent.

Acupuncture therapy can help women in pre-conception, during and after. It can relieve stress during pregnancy and help with hot flashes, spasms and morning sickness. After pregnancy, it can help restore a woman’s body balance to ensure that she can nurse a child properly.

There is no wonder why a lot of doctors are advising patients to consider acupuncture therapy as part of their fertility methods. It has been proven through the years and has shown significant improvements in most women who have tried it. It is safe and has few or no side effects. It functions almost the same as fertility drugs, the only difference is the process. Acupuncture is definitely worth considering.