How Gym and Muay Thai Can Improve Wellness

Muay Thai Can Improve Wellness
Muay Thai Can Improve Wellness

I work in the corporate sector of the economy, always in the office directing sales rep, meeting our mega-distributors, and holding other top business meetings. While my job was doing great, what I didn’t know was that it was taking a toll on my health.

Good health is not something we achieve at once or by just an action; it involves continuous and intentional plans like good dieting, exercise, mental wellness, having good social circles, and many others. However, some practices or routines can encompass all of this;  Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is not only a revised and scintillating combat sport but is also a fitness routine and psychological therapy. Muay Thai helped me to find myself, improve my fitness, and practice healthy living.

Ways Muay Thai can improve wellness.

It wasn’t until my first vacation to Thailand about two years ago did I discover how I’d been “killing” myself; cholesterols were high. I experienced more muscle pulls and tear due to my sedentary habits and all that. On my first visit to the gym, the camp physio pointed out how “stiff” I was and recommended some routines for me.

During my sessions, here are some things I have found out about Muay Thai

  • It is healthy for our heart 

The heart is perhaps the most important organ of the body. Our heart contains lots of muscles that allow it to pump blood in a circuit throughout the body. You have to exercise these muscles (cardiovascular) regularly to keep the heart fit.

Muay Thai training involves anaerobic activities like skipping, punching/kicking dummies, chin-ups, and the rest that exercise the heart muscles. Similarly, aerobic activities like jogging, running, acrobatics, and other skill practices allow a quality supply of air to the lungs and the heart.

  • Great therapy for anxiety and stress 

Entering into the holiday season, I did not know how much residual stress I was harboring until I began my Muay Thai training. During and after my sessions, I notice how calm and relaxed I felt even when I was tired. The meditations, partnering, and bonding in the camp also helped to relax my nerves and “unload” my mind.

Most times, to escape the bustles and troubles of daily living, a good Muay Thai training session is all that you need.

  • A good weight loss routine 

Another cause of stress to most people issues about their weight. Most people so fret and worry about their weight that they even add more. While it is reasonable not to worry so much about your weight, you should also visit Muay Thai gyms to keep your weight In check. An hour of training in Muay Thai will help you release as many calories as a 3 hours walk. Muay Thai pieces of training also increase the metabolic activities and rate of the body. An example of a Muay Thai gym is and it has good programs for health.

Do not be scared of all the buff and muscles you will find in camp; they once considered themselves “over-weight”

  • Good bones, Muscles, and Joints development 

Aging is a period most people come to dread because we begin to lose the strength and vigor of our body. However, activities like Muay Thai and co. not only shield you from these discomforts but also strengthen the bones and joints.

When you train regularly, your bone is hardened to fractures, dislocation, and other conditions. Bones clashing with other objects/people during a fight can make it stronger and healthier. Also, active Muay Thai practice reduces conditions like rheumatism, arthritis, and co.

  • Mental health and alertness 

This sport has more to do with the brain and the mind than with the body. For you to keep the body sound and healthy, your mental state has to be in perfect health too. The skills and moves in Muay Thai require lots of concentration and builds your mental awareness. Accuracy in striking, precision, and measures of attack is enough to give the brain lots of “exercise” and adventure. In the end, Muay Thai is improving your brainpower.

  • Improves body coordination and reflexes 

“A cat has 9 lives” is a common allusion to the great reflexes of cats. Although most people hardly consider it important, having good reflexes can improve your health. Good reflexes mean your nerve cells and body psychomotor are responsive and healthy. And a great way to these body reflexes is to practice Muay Thai.

Good body psychomotor helps to prevent conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

  • A good fitness routine is important to the health 

Most people find it hard to find a fitness routine that works for them. While some prefer jogging, others might choose indoor workouts. Any of these is fine, but a great way to ‘mix’ them up is to engage in Muay Thai.

Muay Thai training contains lots of fitness routines that can help you keep your health in check; skipping, yoga, running, punching, cycling, weightlifting, and co. The best part of it is the meditation you get to do in camp.

So if you are looking for a good fitness routine, Muay Thai is a great one.

  • Improves your social and emotional state 

In different Muay Thai camps across the country, you will find lots of people from every walk of life. During my time in Thailand, I met an Australian investor, an African writer, and many others. I was able to strike a connection with these people, and we became friends. Chatting and having “after training” drinks with them helped my emotional state a great deal.

Although surprising, there are loads of fun to be had in camp.

Wrapping Up

To the Thai people, Muay Thai is something more than a sport; it has become a way of life. The islands, country, cities in Thailand are scattered with lots of training camps to improve health and wellness among the people.  Don’t forget to try at a good Muay Thai gym in your holiday in Thailand.

Now, I return to the office looking fitter, healthier, and sharper than ever. It is hard to deny the influence Muay Thai has had on my diet, activities, and psychology.

Practicing this sport has been great for many people, it will be great for you too.

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