Importance of Clean Purified Water 

Clean Purified Water
Clean Purified Water

Water is an essential component of our bodies. 60% component of the human body is water. Many developed countries have access to pure water, and everybody in those countries enjoys clean water as they want free air. However, in most developing countries, many people are not able to get clean drinking water. Governments from these developing countries need to implement and install pure water for their communities. Water is life. Human beings cannot survive without water. It is essential to understand that human beings can survive for three weeks without food, but they cannot survive even for four days without water. Below are reasons why you need clean drinking water.

It is a source of nutrients

Water is the number one source of nutrients in our bodies; it nourishes the body by eliminating excess toxins and healthy body organs. Water maintains a consistent flow of blood to all body cells. It also transports food and oxygen to all body cells. Water is life. If you do not take enough water into your body, many body organs suffer.

Curb diseases

Drinking clean and safe water will curb water-borne diseases. It is not safe for people to drink contaminated water from river streams where everybody uses it to farm, for the animal, wash cloths, and swim. Worse enough, most people from urban areas drink water from sewerage and industries. This contaminated water carries severe water diseases like cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis A.

Removing toxins from the body

Clean and safe water assists the body by removing all toxins that are excreted within our bodies. Clean water also removes external toxins from our bodies through bathing regularly. Water keeps our bodies clean from within and outside. Toxins corrode our body organs, causing failure of average organ performances.

Required in agriculture

Clean and safe water is also required in agriculture and food production. Crops grown by use of pure water are safe for consumption. While those crops grown by use of contaminated water transfer deadly bacteria’s to human bodies once consumed. Many people in urban areas use sewerage water to grow vegetables, not knowing the effect thereof. It is recommended to use clean water to produce pure grains and crops safe for human consumption. Again, clean water is required by all domestic animals for drinking, even if it’s from river streams or dams. Contaminated water will cause severe diseases in animals, and it may cause death to these animals. Clean water is essential for life.

Sanitation purposes.

Clean water is essential in our normal daily domestic chores. Clean water will be required when washing clothes, washing utensils, cooking, and cleaning houses. You cannot use dirty water to do domestic chores. Clean water is needed at a high level by human beings to do all their daily activities.

Clean and safe water purified by water machines is essential for life and good health. The functioning of body systems depends entirely on water. If you are exposed to dirty water, therefore, there’s a high probability that you will suffer from water-borne diseases. Thus clean drinking water is not just an option but the only.

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