Dried Fruit: Good or Bad?
Health Benefits of Dried Fruit

Being a businesswoman, I live a busy life and taking care of my physical and mental health is one of my top priorities. One of the things that I always rely on for a quick snack and an easy way to boost my energy levels is dehydrated fruits. I always keep dried apples or dried figs at my desk and eat these instead of drinking a lot of coffee or eating junk food.

Dried fruits are very easy to make at home if you own a food dehydrator. I always recommend drying fruit on your own because dried fruit available in shops is not only expensive, it also contains a lot of chemicals and preservatives. When you make your own dried fruit in a dehydrator, you can be sure about its quality, hygiene, and you can store it without using any chemicals or preservatives.

Now, I like eating dried fruits of all kinds, whether it is dried apples, bananas, pineapple, prunes, figs, or apricots, but why would you want to make any (or all) of these fruits a part of your daily diet? Because these dried fruits come with a range of health benefits and in this article, I am going to discuss ten of these benefits. So, without waiting any further, here are the ten benefits of eating dehydrated fruits.

Dried lemons
Dried lemons

1) Great Source of Nutrients – Dried fruits are simply great when it comes to their nutritional value. Dried fruits like apricots, prunes, and figs can offer beta carotene, vitamin E, iron, calcium and potassium in great quantities and these are all essential for a healthy body and mind.(1) A single daily serving of dried fruit can provide the recommended dietary nutrition for adults.

2) Light on the stomach – Munching on few dried fruits on a daily basis is a great way to keep from feeling hungry without overburdening your digestive systems(2). As dried fruits have most of their water content extracted from them, these are light on the stomach and do not make you feel bloated or lethargic as oily or junk food does.

3) Easy to digest – Dehydrated fruits are delicious to eat as they have all their nutrients and sugars in concentrated form and they’re equally easy to digest as well(3). The small size and lack of fats in these fruits makes them perfect for those who like to eat light. (3.1)

4) Source of instant energy – The dried fruits have their sugars in a concentrated form as all the water is dried during dehydration process. These fruits can work as an instant pick-me-up and a source of energy that’s natural and without any side effect.

5) Delicious – There are all kinds of dried fruits that you can try. From sour and sweet berries to dried apples that taste of cinnamon and sugar. Whether you want to give in to your sweet tooth or try something that’s a bit on the savory side, you can get it all when you try dried fruits.

Dried apples
Dried apples

6) Antioxidants – Dried fruits like apples and berries are rich in natural antioxidants (4) that can help you to stave off many kinds of lifestyle diseases. Including antioxidants in your diet is the ideal way to ensure your hair, skin, and eyes keep feeling great. According to a 2005 study in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, dried fruits have a higher concentration of antioxidants as compared to fresh fruit.

7) Rich In Fiber – If you’re looking for a rich source of fiber in your diet, then add some dried fruits such as prunes to your diet (5). In similar serving sizes, dried fruits contain much more fiber than regular fruits. Fiber is an essential component of the diet for the better health of stomach, and it also ensures good health of your digestive system.

8) Rich in Calories – Dried fruits are rich in calories that are present in these fruits in a concentrated form. These are a great source of energy for athletes looking to recover from injuries and for people who are looking for healthy ways to gain weight.

9) Improves Immunity – While fresh fruit can be a great source of vitamin C, drying the fruits destroys the vitamin C because it gets oxidized(6). But if you look at fruits that are colored orange and yellow such as pineapple, apricots, and papaya, you can get vitamin A and beta carotene from these which add to the immunity of the body.

10) No Preservatives – This is the best part I like about dehydrating fruits at home – no preservatives! Fruit dried at home can be easily stored for 2-3 months or longer depending on the storage conditions. You can enjoy the fruit as a daily snack or pack it up and take it with you on your camping trips. It is a healthy way to get your nutrients and vitamins. Often, people are allergic to chemicals or preservatives and dehydrating food at home is the best option for them to enjoy the deliciousness of dried apples or dried pineapples.

Dehydrated Fruits Conclusion

These are just a few health benefits of dried foods. Once you make these a part of your daily life, you will see many more improvements in your overall health. But keep this in mind, as these dried fruits are rich in calories excessive eating of these can lead to weight gain. Make sure you consult your physician to rule out any allergies or health conditions you might have that can get aggravated by dried fruits.

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