Top 3 Delicious Chicken Recipes You Should Try

Delicious Chicken Recipes
Delicious Chicken Recipes

Chicken is without a doubt one of the most delicious delicacies you can ever eat. Nonetheless, there are many styles of cooking this white meat to make a mouthwatering meal that everyone in your family will certainly relish. That said, here are the top 3 delicious chicken recipes you should try:

1. One-Pot Chicken, Rice and Broccoli Recipe

Chicken, rice, and broccoli is an absolutely mouthwatering combination that’s so easy to make that you only need 30 minutes to have it on the table. Plus, the ingredients entailed in its recipe are readily-available and pocket-friendly. What’s more, you can conveniently order them online. Be sure to check out Home Chef, Hello Fresh, and Sun Basket to order some or all of your ingredients online. Can’t seem to decide between Home Chef and Hello Fresh? Here is a professional comparison of the two vendors to help you make an informed choice. The third vendor is equally good and chances are that you’ll obtain from them what you can’t find from the previous vendors.


What You Will Need

i. A large, non-stick skillet.

ii. A cooking stick.

iii. A source of heat.

iv. 2 plates.

v. A serving spoon.


i. 1 lb. chicken breast bite-sized pieces(boneless and skinless).

ii. 2.5 cups chicken broth.

iii. 1 cup uncooked extra long-grain white rice.

iv. 2.5 cups fresh bite-sized broccoli florets pieces.

v. 1/2 small, diced yellow onion.

vi. 2 cups shredded mild cheddar cheese.

vii.2 cloves minced garlic.


i. Season your chicken breast pieces, using salt and pepper.

ii. Next, saute onions in the skillet using two tablespoons of butter over medium heat.

iii. After the onions have softened, increase the heat a little bit, and add chicken.

iv. Now cook the chicken pieces briefly before adding garlic and cooking the meat for 1 minute more.

v. Before the pieces of meat get fully cooked, push them to one side of the pan and add 1 tablespoon of butter to the empty side of the pan.

vi. Once the butter has melted, add the rice and saute it for up to 3 minutes.

vii. Thereafter, add the chicken broth to the skillet and bring the mixture to a boil for approximately 12 minutes with the skillet covered.

viii. Then stir in the broccoli and continue to cook covered on low heat until rice and broccoli are both tender or for an additional 8 minutes.

ix. Next, remove the mixture from the fire and stir half a cup cheese into it.

x. After that, top the mixture with the remaining cheese and cover the skillet with the lid, allowing the cheese to melt completely.

xi. Finally, serve warm with a glass of orange juice.

N/B: This recipe yields 2 servings.

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2. Honey Mustard Chicken Breasts Recipe

Honey mustard chicken breasts are a luscious delicacy that’s amazingly succulent, tender, and full of flavor. This offering, which is healthy and perfect for family lunch or dinner is sure to whet everyone’s taste buds. Plus, it’s easy to cook and readies in under 30 minutes.

What You Will Need

i. A large non-stick pan.

ii. A parchment paper.

iii. A medium-sized mixing bowl.

iv. A good quality meat thermometer.

v. A source of heat.

vi. 4 plates.

vii. A serving spoon.


i. 4 thinly-sliced chicken breasts.

ii. 2 tablespoons olive oil.

iii. 1/4 cup whole grain mustard.

iv. 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder.

v. 1/4 cup honey.


i. First, preheat the oven accordingly.

ii. Meanwhile, line the pan with the parchment paper.

iii. Next, mix mustard, garlic powder, olive oil, and honey in the mixing bowl.

iv. Then, immerse the pieces of your chicken breasts one after the other into the mixture, making sure they are fully coated with it.

v. After that, remove the breasts from the mixture and spread them out on the sheet pan that is lined with the parchment paper.

vi. Now, place the pan into the oven, and bake for approximately 15 minutes.

vii. Once the thickest part of the chicken has reached an internal temperature of 165°F, take the pan out of the oven. You will need to use your kitchen thermometer in this step.

viii. Finally, let cool off slightly and serve warm.

N/B: This recipe yields 4 servings.

3. Authentic Chicken Madras Recipe

Madras is a type of curry that is made up of meat and vegetables and has a strong hot, meaty, and spicy flavor. This authentic chicken madras has a thick, brown, spicy sauce, and rich aroma. It is absolutely delicious, irresistible, and loved by millions around the world. Plus, it’s great for your health as it, for instance, helps with arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. Here is a quick recipe that yields 4 servings of it;

What You Will Need

i. A large nonstick pan with a lid.

ii. A cooking stick.

ii. A heating source.

iv. 4 serving plates.

v. A serving spoon.


i. 1 ½ lb. bite-sized, skinless, boneless chicken breast pieces.

ii. 1 teaspoon ground turmeric.

iii. 2 eaches cardamom pods.

iv. ½ teaspoon ground coriander.

v. ½ cup freshly chopped cilantro, or more to taste.

vi. 3 eaches whole cloves.

vii. 4 crushed clove garlic.

viii. ½ teaspoon ground cumin.

ix. 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg.

x. 3 eaches chopped green chile peppers with seeds.

xi. 1lb. tomato puree.

xii. 2 large onions, finely chopped.

xiii. 1 piece minced ginger.

xiv. 1 teaspoon ground red chili pepper, or more to taste.

xv. 1 teaspoon garam masala.

xvi. 1 pinch salt or more to taste

xvii. 5 tablespoons cooking oil.

xviii. ¼ cup of water.


i. In the nonstick pan, heat the oil on medium heat.

ii. Next, add cardamom pods and cloves and wait until they sizzle, or for approximately 1 minute.

iii. Thereafter, add onions and fry until dark brown, or for approximately 7 to 10 minutes.

iv. After that, add garlic, ginger, and chile peppers and cook until fragrant or for approximately 30 to 45 seconds.

v. Then, add coriander, turmeric, ground chili pepper, cumin, plus salt and cook while stirring occasionally, until everything is blended in.

vi. Now, stir in the chicken and water and cook until water is incorporated or for approximately 2 to 3 minutes.

vii. Next, add nutmeg and tomato puree and cover the pan with the lid and cook over medium heat until the chicken is tender or for approximately 20 minutes.

viii. Finally, remove from heat, serve and top with cilantro and garam masala before eating.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to cook chicken and make mouthwatering, filling, and healthy delicacies that are sure to whet your taste buds. Try one-pot chicken, rice and broccoli recipe, honey mustard chicken breast recipe, and authentic chicken madras recipe to enjoy chicken in many different cuisines, some from overseas.

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