Blood Pressure – Ancient Ayurvedic Life saving solutions for BP

blood pressure ayurvedic solution bp

Ayurveda has proven as a boon for many diseases and medical disorders. Hypertension and hypotension are diseases that have afflicted many people since years and to date the number of patients prone to this disease are increasing. Ayurveda has secrets to control and cure blood pressure.

Some of the common and daily life solutions for resolving Blood Pressure issues that Ayurveda have provided that makes curing easy and the effects are for long term.

The Ancient Science of Healing Blood Pressure:

fenugreek seed honey jaggery for blood pressure bp

Let us have a look at the possible good solutions for BP

  • Cardamom has natural therapies to cure blood pressure. Powdered cardamom with lukewarm water every morning is good for treating blood pressure
  • If you can, then you should have cardamom powder with honey
  • Fenugreek has great solutions. Put fenugreek in water for the whole night and the next morning, eat the fenugreek and drink the water
  • These solutions are good for cholesterol, blood pressure and if there is any problem of blockage in the artery, it will resolve it.
  • Bottle-gourd juice is yet another solution for resolving blood pressure issues on empty stomach. Try putting coriander and black pepper with it to ensure more health benefits
  • Bael leaves are very good to have in High Blood Pressure conditions
  • Do have urine of cow every morning on empty stomach for curing diabetic conditions
  • Cow-urine helps to cure TB, asthma and knee issues also
  • Ensure not to take urine of a pregnant cow. Pregnant cow has acidic urine while a non-pregnant cow is alkaline in nature
  • The best way to cure low blood pressure is to have Jaggery along with warm water, salt and honey
  • Orange juice, sugarcane juice along with salt cures low blood pressure
  • Have home-made butter along with sugar lumps for curing low blood pressure

Ayurveda has simple solutions and easily implementable in day to day lives. Use of these natural elements can cure high and low blood pressure conditions.

What is the recommended normal healthy blood pressure?

healthy blood pressure chart

Health Check on B.P:  The normal blood pressure range for the human body is 120/80.

Fact File on B.P:  Between the age of 45 – 65, men are more likely to get affected with blood pressure problems, whereas above the age of 65, women are more likely to suffer from high or low blood pressure.

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