Pull ups -> the best multijoin exercise for the back!

Pull ups -> the best multijoin exercise for the back!
Pull ups -> the best multijoin exercise for the back!


Pull ups is a multijoin exercise very praticed today. Pull ups and climbing can be probably considered the best way to train the back. The most involved muscles are latissimus dorsi, triceps, trapeze, shoulder. This is an exercise quite tiring, whose proper execution requires a level of fitness not a beginner type. For this reason I want to give you depth information about pull ups’ correct performance.


The best exercise gestures should follow the anatomy of the dorsal: starting in supination, which is the maximum elongation, and arriving in pronation, which is the maximum shortening. Before we get to talk about the two main types of execution, I want to mention some general guidelines that affect all kind of pull ups. First of all you must finish the exercise coming up with the bar to the chest! Any other mode is praticed for lack of strenght or simple superficiality. So you have to try to climb as much as possible, with the elbows ranging pushed back. Only at that moment you can the descent to roll out almost completely the elbows, reminding that if it is not done properly this will make the muscle work incomplete. So the only way to pratice pull ups correctly provides the maximum shortening and the maximum elongation.

The key thing is that there are two main types of execution techniques:

  • Supinated pull ups
  • Pronated pull ups

The former is the most simple version, thanks to the best line of force and the biceps work, which helps to do more reps. Up of the hands should be approximately equal to the width of the shoulders, taking advantage of the so called reverse grip.

The latter is more tiring because it is based on a wide grip, which can’t help you with the strenght or other muscles not directly involved in pulls ups, like the biceps.


My most important advice about pull ups is to start to pratice them gradually. Maybe starting with 2 reps, increasing a rep everytime you train. By doing so you will see that your resistence to this exercise will improve even more, and you will carry much larger series.

Concerning the two main types of execution above cited, the choiche depends on your preferences. But you still have to remember that the prone jack allows a more uniform and effective back growth.

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