Squat: it not only trains legs, it’s a multi-join exercise!

Squat, an incredible multijoin exercise

Squat is one of the most famous bodyweight exercises praticed today in the fitness world. Concerning the musculature of the lower limbs, it can be considered the best one to improve them. Its correct execution requires a sinergy between different muscle groups. Also why it is an exercise that can train even muscles like the abdominals, which apparently do not seem involved.

Try to do so

For example you can pratice squat using your arms. Erect your arms up parallel to each other when you come down and lower them when the execution terms. Probably the first time you will not be able to bring your arms as closed to the ears. But doing the exercise in this way for a few weeks you will certainly be able to bring the arms increasingly towards the correct position. This particoular execution will improve by far your joint mobility.

As mentioned squat requires proper execution, which if left untreated can cause serious damage to your back and knees. But it can also strengthen bones, tendons and joints, ensuring greater efficiency in the movements, while reducing the risk of injury.

So squat is an incredible exercise which, can benefit your body in a multijoin perspective. It is naturally executabled with weights or as a floor exercise.


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