Let go of Size-Zero Obsession; Strive to Stay Healthy

Size-Zero Obsession
Size-Zero Obsession

What is Size Zero?

Here is one of the most controversial questions in the fashion industry: What is Size Zero? If you don’t know the exact measurements, it’s okay; neither does the fashion industry. In fact, the clothes you buy under the ‘Size 0’ section today are equivalent to what you bought under ‘Size 2’ in 2001 and ‘Size 6’ in 1970. Which means, if you fit into Size Zero clothes suddenly, it is not because that keto diet worked. It’s probably because you’re being fooled.

Most fashion brands today label bigger sizes as a ‘Size 0’ to make their customers feel good about themselves. This is called Vanity Sizing. You must have noticed how your clothing size varies depending upon the brand you’re wearing. It could be XL in one and S in another. Ever wondered why? It’s because of varying degrees of Vanity Sizing that each brand practices. In fact, depending on the brand, the chest-waist-hips measurement of a Size 0 dress could fall anywhere between 30-22-32 inches and 36-28-36 inches. Vague much?

What about Size Zero Models?

Influenced by brands telling you that you’re a Size Zero, you embark upon your bright-looking modeling-career. But it doesn’t take you long to realize that it’s a different ballgame altogether. Models are expected to maintain a 31-23-32, anything above which is considered unemployable. Now you are asked to cut down your weight and adopt an actual size-zero figure, meaning anorexia, Osteoporosis, and countless other health conditions.

Why Size Zero is Unhealthy for You

  1. Body Fat Deficiency

When it comes to keeping the body energized, body fats play an extremely important role. They help the body absorb vitamins like D, K, E, and A, and maintain the body’s temperature. This is why eliminating fats completely from your food can make you constantly feel fatigued and cold. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to cut out the excess fat. But good fats keep your body running. Build up your diet plan with healthy greens, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, fish, and skinless poultry. Eating healthy doesn’t have to lighten your pocket either. You can order nutritious food at really affordable prices with GrabOn.

  1. 2. Malnourishment

Being underweight comes with its own set of problems. An underweight person not only has to deal with poor physical stamina, but also with a weak immune system, which makes them vulnerable to most infections out there. In women, it can cause infertility, loss of menstruation, and even complications during pregnancy. Only by maintaining a BMI of 18.5 or above can you strengthen yourself physically.

  1. Emotional Health

Fatigue and lack of any physical stamina can take a toll upon the person’s emotional health. It can lead to an absence of motivation and cause depression and anxiety. Eating disorders can also develop over time and contribute to a constant state of low moods.

Healthier Alternative: Diet Right

To eat or not to eat: that’s the question. The most common method used by men and women to cut weight is skipping meals. While it is true skipping meals does not add any extra weight to your body, it also deprives the body of the minimum energy to function on. A better and safer alternative is to diet right.

To Eat

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Whole Grains
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Fish
  • Skinless poultry

Not to Eat

  • Processed Red Meats
  • Trans fat
  • Hydrogenated Oils
  • Sweetened Drinks

Tips to Eating Healthy

  • Replace your oils: Tropical oils like Palm and Coconut Oil have a high content of Saturated Fats. These fats are not good for you and can be replaced with Olive, Corn, Peanut, Sunflower, Soybean, Safflower, and Canola oils. When purchasing your cooking oil, look for one that has less than 4 grams of saturated fats per tablespoon. Also, remember that your cooking oil must NOT contain any trans-fat.
  • Replace your grease: Instead of greasing your pan with butter or margarine, use nonstick cooking spray. Cooking sprays have zero cholesterol, 0% fat, and 0% calories, and are a much healthier alternative to using solid fats like butter in your daily cooking.
  • Replace your meats: Fish and poultry are a much healthier alternative to red meat. If you must consume red meat, make sure you remove the skin and trim any visible fat before cooking. No matter which meats you choose, always look or leaner pieces, and avoid fatty ones.
  • Replace your common foods: Swap your bread with whole-grain bread; your biscuits with digestive biscuits, and your crisps with whole-wheat crackers.
  • Replace your noodles: with zoodles. That’s right, zoodles or zucchini noodles are super easy to make. Just get your peeler and start peeling. These are minus on the bad fats, and plus on the veggies: what else could you need? The best part? You can make these with any vegetable of your choice- try cucumbers, carrots, and sweet potatoes.
  • Replace your sweeteners: The next time you’re making a smoothie and extend a hand towards the sugar jar, stop and pick up dates instead. Not only are these natural, but they will also add an exciting flavor to your smoothies. You can also try honey and see which works best for you.
  • Replace your movie-time snacks: Instead of intaking the unhealthy fats and carbs in potato chips, munch healthy by frying a bowl of popcorn.
  • Replace your creams: There are a lot of healthier substitutes to creams out there. You can tone it down with low-fat cream or go completely out with Greek yogurt. In fact, you can even cut down on your mayonnaise supply. With some herbs to go with the Greek Yoghurt, you wouldn’t even know the difference!

How do you maintain a healthy diet without upsetting your taste buds? Let us know in the comments below.

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