How to Get the Body of an Olympic Gymnast!

It's no secret, gymnasts have incredible physiques but how do they achieve those muscles if  they don't lift weights?  Their sport requires endurance, speed,...
The Pros and Cons of Monthly Workout Challenges

Get Ready To Sweat: The Pros and Cons of Monthly Workout... Monthly workout challenges are all the rage in recent years- but how do they work and are they really worth the time and money?...

Ideas And Tips For Making Your Treadmill Run Worthwhile

Wondering how to get the most of all that time you are spending on the treadmill? Well, there are some tips, which will help...
Is cross trainer effective for weight loss and removal of belly fat

How Cross Trainers Can Help You Lose the Belly

Cross trainers are fast becoming one of the most popular home workout machines, not only in gyms up and down the country, but also...
Bodybuilding at Home: Advantages and Disadvantages

Bodybuilding at Home: Advantages and Disadvantages

+ Benefits of bodybuilding at home Long-term investment        After two years of gym membership you will usually pay between 500th and 2000th. If you want...

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