watermelon a natural viagra

Studies revealed – Watermelon is a natural Viagra!

When you are with your partner, she has some expectations but all that happens is a nightmare you cannot get through. Very few people...
Benzocaine Condoms – For long lasting effect

Benzocaine Condoms – For long lasting effect. Seriously? Oh yeaa!

Men have a real problem holding on to longer duration during sex and it is important for a sexually gratifying experience. Men really like...
kegel pelvic floor muscle exercise

Kegel Exercise – a boon for treating Premature Ejaculation & ED

One of the most common issues that men and women can face alike is not able to reach the pinnacle of ecstasy while in...

Difference between Male & Female Orgasm

Men and women are almost the same when it comes to all kind of actions and reactions – only thing timing and capacity may...

Miraculous Vegetables & fruits to cure impotence

Impotency is not a huge problem – not anymore. Youhave the whole world around with the continuous and never ending possibilities of ensuring that...

Peyronie’s Disease Symptoms and Causes with Treatment

This is a disease in, which penis bends to a side at the time of erection. This is due to the scar tissues, which...

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