Egg freezing

Things to Understand Before Freezing Your Eggs

Egg freezing involves retrieving eggs from the woman's ovaries and freezing them for future use. The eggs are retrieved similarly to in-vitro fertilization, only...

The Process of HACCP Certification

HACCP certification is a prerequisite for any company that processes food, and it goes beyond simply identifying and eliminating hazards. Learn more about this...
Vegan Jerky

The Weird World of Jerky

When you imagine jerky, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that it’s an exclusive arena for specialty dried beef. Of course, beef is the...
Cream Chargers

Cream Chargers, Food Grade Nitrous Oxide

The latest addition to your domestic kitchen; the cream charger. Food grade nitrous oxide has been used in professional kitchens all over the world for...
Dietary Requirements

How Dietary Requirements Change As We Age

Wrinkled skin, white hairs, eyesight power increase, limited mobility… All these are external appearances that define the aging process. In other words, these are the...
Types of cakes that a major hit across parties

Types of Cakes That a Major Hit Across Parties

Life gives us all so many reasons to celebrate various joys of our lives. It could be some special occasions, festivals or even people....

How Does the Chicken McNuggets Compare to Its Competitors?

Warning: Fast food is unhealthy! While people might immediately think of the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder menu items when they hear the brand...
Power Foods That Are Great for Your Brain

10 Power Foods That Are Great for Your Brain

Eating a healthy diet is just one way to extend your years and improve your quality of life. We all have heard that we...
Eat Healthy

7 Tips to Get Your Senior Loved Ones to Eat Healthy

Photo credit: Image by Antonio Valente from Pixabay Eating healthy is the best way for your senior loved ones to enhance their overall well-being so...
How to Ferment Foods

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Ferment Foods

Fermentation is the process through which bacteria and other microorganisms break down substances. It’s through controlled fermentation that we are able to produce cheese,...

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