Sattvic food diet

Sattvic Food for Health: What to Enjoy and What to Avoid

Everyone needs food. It gives us the fuel to perform a lot of our daily activities as well as the necessary building blocks for...

Top 10 Foods to Bring Along When Traveling

Planning an upcoming trip and worried that it might wreck your diet? Don’t fret! All that hard work doesn’t have to go to waste...
Can Muffins Cure Breast Cancer?

Can Muffins Cure Breast Cancer?

Can Muffins Cure Breast Cancer? Now, what if I tell you that not only the muffins are not be bad for cancer, they will be muffins cancer fighters?

The Right Food for Runners

Do you know what the the right food for runners is? Here are the best foods to stock up on for your life on the run!

Dried fruit: what is it and why eat it every day

Introduction Dried fruit includes a wide class of food. It can be divided in two main types: Carbohydrate dried fruit, rich in sugars and low...
Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast: how to structure it

Breakfast: the main meal of the day. Yes it's true. The main meal of the day is just what many people often skip or...
Eating brown - advantages and disadvantages

Eating brown -> advantages and disadvantages

Introduction Today eating brown is becoming more common, especially in restaurants and markets. But what are actually the whole foods? Why eating brown can help our...

Salt consumption -> adjust to our health

Each salt molecule is formed by chlorine and sodium. Every day under normal conditions an adult needs 100-600 mg of sodium every day, which...

Brown rice with tuna and zucchini

Brown rice with tuna and zucchini is one of the most full meals from a nutritional point of view. It contains all important nutritional...

Coconut oil -> a fat can help you to lose weight!

Coconut oil is extracted from the fruits of the coconut plant. Its nutritional properties make it a valuable food to get daily in the...

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