Best Anti-inflammatory Foods

What are the 10 Best Anti-inflammatory Foods?

Inflammation inside your body is natural. It is a reaction that helps fight infections that may occur, from time to time. Inflammation also takes...
The Top 5 Healing Spices, Ayurvedic Superfoods

Top 5 Ayurveda Food Ingredients

We are in a timezone where we live and breathe technology. This modern techno-savvy world makes our lives way easier and better, but at...
Organic Foods You Must Eat To Have Stronger Teeth

Which Organic Foods You Must Eat To Have Stronger Teeth?

Teeth are one of the most undermined parts of our body. A lot of people tend to exercise on a regular basis to keep...
Organic Food

Importance of Organic Food and Where to Buy It

Organic food is the rave of the world in the past decade and that’s hardly a surprise seeing the ludicrous amounts of processed and...
What is in Coconut Aminos?

Coconut Aminos – Your Best Alternative to Soy Sauce

A lot of people love Asian food, but they would prefer it comes without the soy sauce. The good news is there are many...
Foods to Avoid After Entering in Your 40s

Foods to Avoid After Entering in Your 40s

A healthy diet is always important to create a fulfilling and happy lifestyle. We become more prone to diseases like diabetes and heart issues...
Best Remedies for Thrombocytopenia

Natural Tips for The Treatment of ITP ( Idiopathic throbocytopenic purpura)

ITP may be defined as a clinical syndrome in which decreased number of platelets in body causes rashes, bruising and petechial formation on the...
Dry Fruits

9 Important Dry Fruits and Nuts to Keep You Stay Healthy

Dry fruits are added in many of the recipes like cakes, milkshakes, puddings, granola, pies, snacks, etc. They are extremely useful for maintaining good...
Benefits of Banana for Your Health

10 Incredible Benefits of Banana for Your Health

So many people spend so much money on the latest superfood when one of the best ones is cheap, available all year round and...

Jam tart: a delicious and energic snack!

Introduction The jam tart is often underestimated because it was deemed a sweet fat and to avoid. It can bring many benefits to food...

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