Summer Smoothie Recipes

10 Beat the Heat Summer Smoothie Recipes

Summers can be fun for those who are planning to spend in a hill station or beach areas but these are draining, stressful and...
What is in Coconut Aminos?

Coconut Aminos – Your Best Alternative to Soy Sauce

A lot of people love Asian food, but they would prefer it comes without the soy sauce. The good news is there are many...
Best Remedies for Thrombocytopenia

Natural Tips for The Treatment of ITP ( Idiopathic throbocytopenic purpura)

ITP may be defined as a clinical syndrome in which decreased number of platelets in body causes rashes, bruising and petechial formation on the...
Organic Food

Importance of Organic Food and Where to Buy It

Organic food is the rave of the world in the past decade and that’s hardly a surprise seeing the ludicrous amounts of processed and...
Best Anti-inflammatory Foods

What are the 10 Best Anti-inflammatory Foods?

Inflammation inside your body is natural. It is a reaction that helps fight infections that may occur, from time to time. Inflammation also takes...
Top Foods for Healthy and Strong Bones

Top Foods for Healthy and Strong Bones

It pays to focus on your bones. In addition to the fact that they are the main reason why you move as well as...
Starting Baby on Solids

8 Tips to Start Feeding Your Babies Solid Food

Watching your babies transition from a bottle of milk to mashed bananas is an amazing experience as a parent. The mess created all around...

Ways to Gain Weight

A big misconception that majority people have in the health world is that only excessive weight or being overweight is considered unhealthy. No, that...
Foods to Avoid After Entering in Your 40s

Foods to Avoid After Entering in Your 40s

A healthy diet is always important to create a fulfilling and happy lifestyle. We become more prone to diseases like diabetes and heart issues...
Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast: how to structure it

Breakfast: the main meal of the day. Yes it's true. The main meal of the day is just what many people often skip or...

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