15 Most Common Beliefs or Myths about Diabetes

When we think of Diabetes, what comes to our mind first? Diabetes is a “deadly disease”? But NO, this isn’t true. Diabetes is a rapidly spreading...
Millennials Health Awareness and Lifestyle Improvements

Green Generation of Today: Millennials Health Awareness and Lifestyle Improvements

People, in general, are more concerned with their health, wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet than they’ve been 20-30 years ago. However, while...

Dentist Advice: Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Oral Health

Have you always dreamed of having sparkly white teeth? Have you ever wondered why celebrities have great smiles? The simple answer is good oral...
Nutritional Advice to Improve Bone Health

Nutritional Advice to Improve Bone Health

Our bones are very important and, unless broken or fractured, they are often not a priority when most people think of health. They give...
Cancer Prevention and Supplementary Cures

Cancer Prevention and Supplementary Cures

Article by Joanne Tippett This is a personal summary of the research Mom and I carried out, and of what we have found to be...

Natural Health Remedies for Arthritis Sufferers

There was a time when Arthritis was thought to be an old person’s disease. It was rare to hear of someone younger than fifty...
Can you gain weight from lack of sleep?

How Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Weight Gain: The Unmistakable Link

We all know the effects of a bad night’s sleep – we wake up feeling grouchy and exhausted, blindly stumbling around in search of...
Benefits and uses of sauerkraut juice

Sauerkraut Juice – a Cancer Fighting Probiotic

Studies have shown that among other, several compounds in the sauerkraut juice can offer protection against cancer, compounds like Lactobacillus, izothiocyanate and sulphoraphane.
Omega 7 Benefits: See How It Can Boost Health

7 Benefits Of Adding Omega 7 To Your Diet

Omega-3 and Omega-6 have taken most of the spotlight when it comes to fatty acids. It’s commonly known that fish, healthy oils and nuts...
Is Poor Posture Causing Your Back Pain?

Get Rid of Backpain Having the Correct Postures

A majority of people feel the suffering of back pain once in a lifetime, it becomes the routine as they grow older and their...

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