Sleep Deprivation Can Increase Risk of Diabetes

Sleep Deprivation Can Increase Risk of Diabetes

We all know how great a good night’s sleep makes us feel. We wake feeling energized, with a spring in our step and a...
New Study Links Art Access to Better Health

Art and Health: The Benefits of Viewing Art

Are you looking for some easy ways to improve both your physical and mental health? Instead of going for diets or fasts, you should...

(Belated) Happy Republic Day; 3 Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt

26th January 1950, this is the day when India became a republic and new constitution came into force. Every year this day is celebrated...
Very Effective Home Remedies For A Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection – Types, Symptoms & Home remedies

Sinus infection is a painful condition where one experiences swelling or inflammation in the sinus tissue. Healthy sinus cavities are usually stuffed with air...
Naturopathic Remedies to Reduce Inflammation

Naturopathic Remedies to Reduce Inflammation

The Important Role of Inflammation When dealing with inflammation, we often think of taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen, but there are many natural ways to reduce...
CBD Oil And Parkinson’s Disease

CBD Oil And Parkinson’s Disease: What We Know So Far

CBD oil has been around for a long time but has just recently gone viral in the mainstream. Chances are you’ve heard about CBD oil...
Gum disease receding Gums treatment

Suitable Fruits To Stop Receding Gums Naturally

Do your gums recede on occasion? Maybe when you just brushed your teeth? Do not worry; we explain which fruits are the most suitable...
nazi clinical trial on human

The Nazis and Nuremberg Clinical Trials: What went wrong?

Clinical trials: The current procedure: Clinical trials are conducted to test the efficacy of a drug. These trials ensure whether a drug is safe for...
Ways To Naturally Improve Vision

Ways To Naturally Improve Vision

In the month of March, the American Optometric Association celebrates Save Your Vision Month. Eyesight is not something that is often thought of when...
Nasal polyps - Symptoms and causes

The Science Behind Nasal Polyps & 12 Most Effective Home Remedies

Nasal polyps have been quite famous among the researchers, as the growth rate in a number of patients has come to 4% of the...

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